Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Tabletop Snapshot of Life Around Here

On Sunday morning, I made myself a late breakfast of eggs and an English muffin, on my NEW STOVE, and I ate while reading a chapter in my newest thrift shop book (The American Heritage History of Notable American Houses).  Yes, I read history and architecture books for fun ... the chapter on Gothic Revival was fascinating.

After I had finished eating, and while I was still reading and drinking my coffee, Dorothy jumped onto the table and laid down to share some 'Mommy-time'. 

When I looked at this photo later, I realized that it's a perfect snapshot of life around here.  It shows my Johnson Brothers 'Rose Chintz' dishes on our worn dining room tabletop, a good book, and a happy cat.

With all of the chaos that we have going on around here most of the time, I am trying really hard to relax a bit and notice the little things that happen here every day.  The format of this August Break, where I publish one photo per day, is forcing me to do this ... and I am grateful for it.

I have Rose Field progress to show you tomorrow!!!



  1. Looking back over your last few posts, I must admit, you (and your pets) really do have an idyllic life. They say to me, 'stop and take life a little slower and enjoy each little moment'. Ed is a fine artist too. Nice you purchased his work. I hope he gave you a discount since your garden is his current muse.

  2. Well, I don't have a cat, or any beautiful Rose Chintz china, but I do have that book!
    Oh, geeks together.
    Lovely picture.
    Question -- have you ever had trouble with your greyhounds chasing the cats?
    I would think that might be somewhat irresistible to them.
    But your cats are VERY relaxed looking!

  3. Not only do I have the same book, in its dust jacket, but I have the little field guide book that came with it, that you could take along with you to spot Notables on your travels.
    I need more hobbies....

  4. I heart Johnson Brother's dishware and have only one of their plates... maybe I need more?

  5. Hello Connie,
    How charming your photo is with the book, the kitty cat, and my favourite pattern, Rose Chintz. Rose Chintz always makes my heart go pitter patter whenever I see it. I'm so happy you stopped by today. You have a wonderful and inviting blog. Love your photos!


  6. Love it all. Breathe deep and slow and take time to enjoy the little things :-)

  7. I think I might have been a cat, in a past life.

  8. lol...I too read history and architecture books for fun...can't get enough of them...August is for these little relaxing moments, I'm heading to the back porch to read a book right now myself. Take a moment every day to refresh your spirit in one way or another!

  9. Looks like a perfect way to spend a morning to me! So glad you are taking life a little easier. If I can kick this #*$% cough I will enjoy this August break too!

    Kat :)

  10. I love this photo. It is such a 'slice of life' with a cat! Hugs, Linda

  11. I love this shot and the sweet kitty!

  12. She looks almost exactly like my cat!!



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