Saturday, August 13, 2011

Greyhound Rescue ... While You Were Sleeping

I rolled out of bed this morning at 4:00.  The van from Florida, filled with ten greyhounds, was arriving in Ashland at 5:30, and I had to be there before then.  Ashland is an hour from here, so I gave myself enough time to get dressed, brush my teeth, and stop to get coffee on my way to I-95.

My part of this haul was to get two of the greyhounds and bring them back to Fredericksburg to meet volunteers who were taking them on to Maryland.  Two greyhounds in a transport is a lot like taking my own two for a ride ... The Husband and I are accustomed to hauling many more when we make trips like this.  I didn't need help handling only two dogs, so I went by myself this time and I let him sleep.

My passengers this morning were:

Chewey ...

and Alice.

No matter how many times I do this, I always get a great feeling of satisfaction and pride in helping these beauties along their journey to their new, forever homes. 

Want to learn more about transporting greyhounds along the Greyhound Underground Railroad?  Click HERE to see a more detailed post from last year.


  1. We do animal rescue too! I have never transported a Greyhound but plently of pitbulls, "mutts" and cats!
    There is no feeling in the world like helping those who cannot help themselves!
    Cyber high five!

  2. Kudos to you and your husband for the work you do to rescue the wonderful, lovable, regal greyhounds. Hugs! :-)

    (We still haven't gotten any other greyhound. We drove to the coast on Thursday and talked about it being our first trip there without Charm. Our volunteer work is for lemurs right now. There will be another greyhound in the future.)

  3. What a great feeling helping them to their new homes! Such sweet dogs!

  4. So kind~ oh, they are both pretty~
    so nice to know they will have happy homes~ and you helped them to get there~

  5. This must be so rewarding! I miss my volunteer work at our local dogs home, and will return to it when the cottage is finished. At the moment I produce posters to publicise their fundraising events, but it's not quite the same as walking and hugging the dogs.
    How many dogs does the charity rehome over the course of a year?

  6. Wow, this brings me back to when we were very involved in Cavalier Rescue -- did lots of those transport trips, and LOTS of fostering too.

    Most memorable trip? To pick up a litter of 10-week old pups, Cavalier mixes, in Philadelphia. They PEEPED -- all 6 of them -- ALL the way home to NJ, two hours of constant peep-peep-peep little puppy squeaky noises.

    It is so rewarding to see these dogs blossom with love and care. Those are two beautiful greyhounds. Is there a reason for Chewey's name? :-)

    Alice is stunning.
    And she also shares my middle name!

    Good luck to them, and as for you-- get some sleep! I miss our foster work -- when we eventually get all of our fencing done, we'll go back to it. I miss having the parade of "new" dogs in and out of the house.


  7. Great looking pups. It's fun to meet new ones, isn't it?

    July 30 was our wedding anniversary and we did an Anatolian Shepherd dog transport. We might be odd, but we couldn't think of a more rewarding way to spend the day. We drove up to Frederick MD and brought the dog back to his new adopter in Falls Church. It was a great day.

  8. I worked with a guy who had a greyhound rescue as his pet. What a sweet dog she was!

    Keep up the awesome work!

  9. So many of your followers in rescue. Isn't it wonderful!
    I'm a volunteer for Havanese Rescue and volunteer as a foster mom as well as for our online store. This work is the most rewarding thing I have ever raising my kids. In fact, I am taking my foster of almost three months, Alfie, to upstate PA tomorrow to meet his forever family. Talk about bittersweet. He was found wandering the streets of MIlwaukee and will soon be forever loved by a couple in Queens.

  10. We got our first Newfie from the Newfoundland Rescue and fell in love. Nick was old, but a king in our eyes.♥♫

  11. kudos kudos to you for assisting these great canines to their new homes!

  12. Amazing work you are doing, Connie. And what beautiful dogs.

  13. What a neat program! I went back and read your original post from last year.... awesome!

    BTW when people used to ask us how in the world we travelled so extensively with four kids and three dogs in the car and they meant how did we do it with the dogs, I would reply that I had never EVER EVER had to pull over once and scold the dogs!!!! (meaning of course that the kids were much more likely to fuss or be a pain!)


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