Monday, August 29, 2011

Fiddling with Photoshop ... the Front of Our House

There were no cars parked in front of our house yesterday morning when I went out to check for hurricane damage.  (One of The Husband's things on his storm preparation list was to move our cars away from potential falling limbs, because we have large trees in our front yard.)  With no cars in the way, and the sun shining, I took the opportunity to get a really good, straight ahead photo of the front of our house ... then I came in and went to work with Photoshop to visualize my plans to improve our curb appeal.

This is the photo I took, showing the unedited truth of what our house looks like when we pull in the driveway.  It looks good ... but a bit bare.

Here is the imaginary 'after' photo ... showing boxwood bushes, my design for gingerbread for the front porch, and the new color of the front door.  (Highlighted words are links to previous posts)

It's a lot better, isn't it? 

As soon as the ground dries out enough for me to dig the holes for the new bushes, I will go to the nursery and pick them up  (The bushes are already paid for.  I tagged them and left them at the nursery until we were ready to plant them.)

It's going to take a while to make the actual house look like my rendering.  This has been quite a process ... and it's wonderful to finally see the results ... even if it only exists in Photoshop right now.


  1. Connie, it is amazing what you can do with Photoshop! I like your house as it is a lot, but I agree the front porch make-over with the gingerbread trim and some plantings in front of the house enhances its charm even more. Have you ever thought about growing a climbing rose on the porch? Anyway, good luck with moving forward!

  2. Connie
    OH, I do love the photo shop~ it is going to be so pretty~ it already is~ just prettier!
    Happy to hear you are safe after Irene~

  3. Very nice, Connie. What a big difference the new porch trim makes and, of course, the boxwoods are perfect. Do you plan to replace the bargeboards? That's a word I never heard before yesterday. I had forwarded your blog to my sister who is an old house aficionado. She loved your home and your website and all your doings. She emailed me, "She must replace the bargeboards!" :))

  4. Connie that is going to look so wonderful!!! It's amazing how much character those trees and the gingerbread add to the house :)

  5. I looked back at your other posts too, and you are so fortunate not be have sustained too much damage from your recent mother nature events.

    Your plans for the entrance look nice and will add even more character.

    Thanks for your visit and comment. It's interesting that you mention Frappucino bottles as I've been saving them! ;)

  6. LOVE it! I can't wait to visit and see it all done, whenever that may be, it just means I'll have to visit a lot! ;-)

    Just got your voicemail, I will call you today.

    Kat :)

  7. It's easy to see why you love your house! It has such character and charm! I'm taken by your cute upper (attic?) windows with their curtains.

    Was there originally any detail over the bay windows? It looks like the brick is a little different there. I'm fascinated by the changes in old homes over the years.

    Your boxwoods and porch plans will be perfect!

  8. I love you home, it is gorgeous and I love what you have planned. I am so glad that your damage was minimal, how scary.
    Enjoy your week!

  9. I'd take it either way, but love what Photoshop has done with the place! Crying shame it isn't that quick and easy, in real life.

  10. It's going to look very nice! Will you also be adding back some of that gothic gingerbread in the gables?

  11. You have had quite a week, and I'm glad you didn't sustain too much damage.

    The earthquake took out one of our HD televisions. I couldn't believe it, but it knocked out the color alignment. It was our oldest one, and I don't think we are going to replace it.

  12. Love the look! So glad I found you. I am a new follower.

  13. Wonderful...I love the little touches...and how great to have a "brick" home...always thought that would be cool to own one.
    Happy Day

  14. Love the boxwood and the gingerbread! Your house is quite majestic. How nice to be able to see the future in Photoshop!

  15. That will look FANTASTIC!!

  16. I think your home is a beauty just the way it is but adding the bushes and gingerbread will just make her shine even more!

  17. In love with your house, no matter what you haven't done !!

    Can you come forward with the boxwoods, toward the street? Put in gravel or flagstones between boxwoods & house. Pair of benches.

    Rose on the house? White.

    Ok, you know my mind can't stop the designing!

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara


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