Monday, August 1, 2011

EuroDesert Bare Roots ... Blooming!

When I went outside earlier today to water my potted roses (it seems like I'm ALWAYS watering pots these days), I saw that two of my EuroDesert roses have flowers!!

This is 'Blastoff', an orange-blend Floribunda bred by Ralph Moore in 1993.

Look at the healthy foliage!

This color will definitely catch people's attention in the garden.

Here is the potted 'Black Ice' that I showed you last time.
(Ignore the messy work table in the background.)

It's been just under five weeks since I received these roses in the mail.  If you're considering ordering roses from the EuroDesert sale of mother plants, worried that it might be risky to ship bare root roses in the heat of summer, let my results calm your nerves.  I am super excited with how these roses have progressed, and I can't wait until the rest of them bloom.

(Do you want to sign up for email updates to order any of these one-of-a-kind roses from EuroDesert for yourself?  If so, click HERE.)


  1. Those are both absolutely gorgeous and hard to believe that they were shipped bare root! WOW! xo Diana

  2. Those have come a long way, from bare root!

  3. Thanks for sharing those beauties and taking the fear out of ordering roses in the heat.

  4. I really like 'Black Ice' - that color is lovely!

  5. Glad you mentioned the heat. I've wondered about subjecting a rose to our 100+ degree weather we're having right now. Your roses look great!

  6. My husband spotted Blastoff over my shoulder and immediately demanded "a few of those".
    Off to check out the site.

  7. Samantha, and everyone else, all of these roses came from Cliff's garden itself, not his nursery because those roses are already gone. Almost all of these are one of a kind ... Blastoff included. No one else is listed as having Blastoff available for sale. Once my plant gets large enough to offer cuttings, I hope to bring it back to commerce. (I hope you see this. Please consider making your email address visible, so you can receive personal replies.)

  8. They are gorgeous, Connie. Really beautiful.

    The Black Ice you sold me back in the spring is doing very well and is on it's third bloom this year. I just love it! Thanks!

  9. I love stopping by your blog~ beautiful!

  10. Wow! Great blooms.


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