Friday, August 26, 2011

Battening the Hatches

As of earlier this morning, we are on the dividing line between the Moderate and the Severe portions of the diagram that shows the probable course of Hurricane Irene as she makes her way north along a destructive path that only she knows.  In preparation, I spent the morning picking up and stowing anything outside that could potentially be thrown about and damaged by the tropical-storm-force winds expected to arrive here on Sunday.

My greenhouse is completely open to the weather right now.  I removed its plastic covering earlier this summer, hoping this would motivate me to complete its renovation before cold weather comes in late October.  (I haven't had a chance to do anything but work on the plans on paper as of now, but I'm still hopeful.)  It took quite a while this morning to dismantle and store all of the plants and supplies and tools inside ... including my set of stained glass windows.  I certainly don't want these to be damaged!

We are now about as prepared as we can be.  I have a little bit of shopping to do later today, and that should be the last thing we have to do.  The word around the blog world, according to Diane and Kat, is that an additional hurricane-supply necessity, along with the traditional flashlight, batteries, radio, candles, generator, etc., is CAKE.  We have a generator to use if we lose power, and it will run our well pump and enough outlets for the refrigerator and freezer ... and the TV and DVD player.  It would sure be great to have a piece cake while we watch movies.

I will be thinking about everyone in the Outer Banks (one of my very favorite vacation spots), and everywhere else along the path of this storm.

Be safe, Everyone.


  1. Oh Connie, good luck in the storm! I was just about to check and see what you had left in stock, the three I got earlier this summer are doing so well, but maybe I'll wait a few days since you probably won't be shipping much right now :)

  2. Well,....earthquake, wind,...whats next, pestilence? lol

  3. Brian and I will be doing the same this evening - removing deck furniture, taking down umbrellas, etc., etc. We probably won't get too much but you never know - Isabelle was a nightmare up here - one I'd like not to repeat :) I'm so worried about all the beautiful trees we's to hoping we all come through unscathed! Be safe!

  4. Connie, I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep me posted.

  5. Keep safe~ in my thoughts & prayers~

  6. Ah yes, you MUST have cake to weather the storm! Sounds like your ready... be safe!

  7. Hope you come safely through the storm! All the best!

  8. Yep, I've already started to move things into the garage and under the back porch. Good opportunity to reorganize.

    And, to help make it through the storm, a couple bottles of wine.

  9. Be safe. I'm more West than you are, but we are preparing also.
    Cake sounds like the perfect accompaniment to a storm!
    Don't wait too long to get to the store. My friend was looking for a battery operated radio - not only are the difficult to find normally, whatever was in the stores is gone, and the batteries weren't far behind.

    Hunkering down....

  10. Hi lovely,

    You're deep in my thoughts all the way over here. It's all so unknown, isn['t it?

    I've been praying for you - that you'll be safe and peaceful through the storm.

    I know it probably seems utterly inconsequential compared to what you're experiencing but the roses in my demi-john vases are Cecile Brunner climbing roses. They smell heavenly and flower all summer long into early winter sometimes. Gorgeous!!


  11. That's what we've been up to today too, bringing everything into our already overstuffed garage! It's at times like these that I hate having so many tables, chairs, and potted plants. We've been upgraded, if you can call it that, to a hurricane warning. Maybe next time you visit you'll have to paddle across to see me! ;-)

    Stay safe my friend!

    Kat :)

  12. Thinking good, safe thoughts for you and yours..that includes the roses!

  13. I hope you don't get damage from this. The only positive thing Irene is doing is sucking the humidity out of Tennessee and knocking us into the 80s for a change. Be sure to update us on how you are! Prayers!

  14. So glad you have made your plans and are doing what you can to be safe! I agree cake is a must!

  15. Hi Connie, Sounds like your getting hammered with some heavy rain. Hope all is well. If Hartwood Manor can survive two earthquakes, a fire and even a civil war, it can withstand Hurricane Irene. Stay dry!

  16. We just got everything done ..kind of late here in Philly in preps. Been raining since noon ...
    Let's hold on!

  17. Oh, definitely cake! Good thinking - one must never be without cake! Glad to know you're prepared for the worst. I hope you don't get it. Stay safe.

  18. Well Connie, I spent Friday afternoon Staking the tallest of my HT roses. Well used up all my stakes anyway. Moved all my Orchids into the garden shed, out of the wind.Everything seems to have weathered Irene pretty well.
    Have minimal damage, nothing like Isabel a few years back.

  19. Be Safe-love the stained glass windows! Your home is beautiful! Thanks for the encouraging words on me finding a vintage truck!

  20. Thanks, Rebecca. I hope you are looking for that truck! (you should make your email visible ... please.)

  21. I am so relieved you had such little damage! I always say I would much rather go through a hurricane than a tornado. You have time to prepare.
    Here is my link for Hurricane Frances
    in 2004. We lost our home. If I already shared this, please forgive :)
    Have a great day, Connie!
    xo, misha

  22. And the link would be------(Ha, see I forgot!)

    my word veri is Sloth Rat! Hmmm. a new species?


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