Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Gas Man Cometh

Last month, I told you that we are installing propane for the new, beautiful, not-here-yet-gosh-darn-it stove in our kitchen.  This plan also includes a new propane tank for the greenhouse ... which is undergoing a bit of a renovation.

This 100-gallon tank means that we will no longer have to drag our 25-gallon tank to the gas place every 3 weeks to be refilled.  No more stressful monitoring of the greenhouse temperature as cold winter temps drag on and on, worrying about running out of gas.  The gas company will fill this baby on a regular schedule and I can sleep peacefully.

What about the tank for the house?  More on that tomorrow.

I'm participating in The August Break 2011.  I will post a photo a day in August, with or without words (you KNOW that I HAVE to have words ... I'm too chatty to go wordless.)  Let's see how far I get into the month before I bust out and break the rules.  :)


  1. That will be a big relief! How long have you done it the other way? Nevermind.

  2. There was a small tank at our house when we purchased it... just for the fireplace, but we replaced with a 100 gal tank so we can crank up the fireplace as often as we like on cold winter days. Glad you got the big one... it will be much appreciated I'm sure!

  3. Now, I would love a greenhouse.

    Good luck with your photo challenge. I post every day, but I am totally less than creative.

  4. How exciting! I can't wait to see the renovated greenhouse and your new stove! So jealous but so happy for you!

  5. Woohoo, and congrats on having gas! I bet you don't hear that very often?! ;-)

    Kat :)

  6. This will be very nice come winter!

  7. I don't have one of those... thank goodness. They scare the poop out of me.

  8. Oh-Bigger tanks- Bigger bills- I used to work for a propane company as an office manager and it was a busy schedule in the winter~

    What is this about the August Blogger Break? Did I miss something? xo Diana

  9. Wow. That will be way better! Now...what's the rest of the story? ;)


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