Friday, August 12, 2011

Shhhh ... Artist at Work

We were visited yesterday by Ed King, a local artist that The Husband knows.  Ed paints in a fantastic, Impressionistic style ... and I love just about everything he does. 

On this trip, he brought his paints and brushes, and his camera.  After he wandered around the property taking photos for future paintings, and filling two memory cards in the process, Ed set to work on the most wonderful painting of our barn.

While Ed was working, The Husband came inside and said, "You're going to want the painting that Ed's doing."

We settled on a price, and it's now mine.

I love it!!

Ed loves to paint outside (known as Plein Air) ... he will be back either tomorrow or Sunday to paint some more.  It's amazing to watch an artist at work, making art out of scenery that I see every day.  I sort of hope that I don't like his next paintings, because my budget can't take the hit.

I wonder what he'll come up with next.

Ed King exhibits at Art First, a gallery in downtown Fredericksburg, and has two shows currently running ... one at Castiglia's  and another at Sarah Irby's Gallery in Studio A (1011A Princess Anne St).


  1. That's so wonderful! As an artist myself (stained glass is my medium) I was absolutely spoiled working as Artist in Residence at a bar in SC. Being able to bring people, energy, and inspiration into your process is truly rewarding.

    Enjoy your painting!

  2. How cool! Your place would inspire anyone, and I'm so glad you bought his painting!

    Kat :)

  3. Love this! I'll take a dozen please.

    Would love to be able to paint like that, and doing so outdoors would make it all the more enjoyable.

    Now you're going to have to decide on a nice frame for it!


  4. Love his work and love that you got this painting. How wonderful to have original art of your own place.

  5. I think if you ever frame it you should also frame the picture of him painting it and use it as an inset or a companion piece. What a marvelous artist! xo Diana

  6. Such a treasure!! And I agree with NanaDiana, the photo of him at work is almost as wonderful as the piece itself.

  7. You're a regular patron of the arts, Connie. Can't get enough of your barn, so I guess I would've bought it, too.

  8. Fantastic! I know you will treasure it for many years. And when your done, pass it over to me!

  9. Don't know if
    YOU know, but I'm
    a closet barn-a-
    holic....I just love
    classic American barns.
    I know I would just
    swoon if I saw yours
    in person. LOVE this
    painting, lucky girl!!
    xx Suzanne

  10. I have something in common with him... our hair.

  11. "The Husband"?????!!

    Is he not your husband? Why don't you call him that? "My" Husband instead of "The Husband!!"

    My Goodness, that is such in bad taste!

  12. Anonymous, dear, I see how you could think this ... except this is how he periodically refers to himself. He has been known to say, "I'm just the husband", then laugh like crazy. The term stuck. I capitalize it, like a title.


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