Friday, May 4, 2012

Rose Vignette

It's much easier to sell the type of roses I have when there are actual flowers on hand to show.  This is a no-brainer here ... with the garden all around us.  At a plant sale, it's a bit tougher.  Photos just aren't the same as holding the actual flower to see its color and smell its fragrance.

I cut some roses this morning to bring along with me to the plant sale.  I plopped them on the bench so I could take a couple of garden photos ... then I noticed what a lovely, informal vignette they created.  Here are 'Shailer's Provence' (left) and 'John Hopper' (right) with a tiny peek of 'Marie Pavie' behind.

Gotta go ... now I'm running late.


  1. Oh wow... can almost smell their fragrance! Have a great week-end!

  2. Pretty ~ oh, so pretty~ yep, I can smell them~ MMMM~

  3. John Hopper? Never heard of it. But I just ordered it off the website. Don't know where I'm going to put it, but resistance is futile.

  4. Very pretty vignette!

    Good luck at the sale!

  5. That is a gorgeous shot! I bet it would make lovely cards! Hugs, Linda

  6. Love it! That is just beautiful, gorgegous colors and placed on the weathered bench is just lovely!

  7. I love roses too...although I do not have your experience. We live by the coast we means we have major trouble with rust and powdery mildew (ewwww)
    Because I have a mostly organic garden, I hate to use chemicals with my 20+ roses...
    Got suggestions?

  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, Connie! You do a beautiful job GROWING and photographing the beauty in your garden.

    I got my roses transplanted...keep your fingers crossed. xo Diana

  9. I agree with Linda, this shot would make beautiful note cards! There ya go, another great idea!

    Good luck this weekend,

  10. Thank God I live nowhere near you!

    I'm sure you could make a good living off me - and ruin me in the process!!!

  11. Very lovely. I haven't counted how many rose bushes I have, but I will always find room for one more.


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