Thursday, May 3, 2012

Open Garden Preview ... Roses in the Front Border

With all of the things I have going on this week, I shouldn't be spending time outside taking pictures of the roses ... but I can't help myself.  Many of the roses in the Front Border are blooming their little brains out!  The weeds are awful, but I'm not going to dwell on this right now. 

This is the garden that greets visitors as they enter our driveway.  It contains the first roses I planted when we moved here five years ago.

The east end of the border:  1. Indigo.  2. Shailer's Provence.  3. Marchesa Boccella.  4. Kathleen.  5. "Grandmother's Hat".  6. "Unrootable Red China".  7. Souvenir de la Malmaisson.  8. Felicia.  9. Dr. W. Van Fleet.  10. "Caldwell Pink"

Dr. W. Van Fleet

Look how many buds there are on Dr. Van Fleet!

Wanderin' Wind, a Buck rose

Souvenir de la Malmaisson

"Unrootable Red China", a found rose which is actually quite easy to propagate.


"Grandmother's Hat"


Marchesa Boccella

Shailer's Provence

A vignette I really liked.  1. "J. E. Murphy's Pink Tea".  2. Moonlight.  3. Shailer's Provence.  4. Mary Washington


"J. E. Murphy's Pink Tea"

"J. E. Murphy's Pink Tea lost a couple of key canes last year, and it's a bit lop-sided right now.  The weeds are almost attractive.  Let's not call them weeds ... they're "indigenous ground cover.  :)

The first flower on "Haywood Hall"

There are so many buds on "Haywood Hall".


Madame Joseph Schwartz


Maggie is so fragrant!

Champneys' Pink Cluster

"Mrs. Woods Lavender Pink Noisette", also known as "Mount Vernon Noisette"

A beautiful striped bud on Honorine de Brabant

Canes of Shailer's Provence and Moonlight sticking through the fence and arching into our pasture.

My truck is loaded with roses (I did that last night), and I will be out of here soon, on my way to the plant sale at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden.  It will be three days of non-stop rose talking ... and I imagine I will be pretty spent by the end of each day.  But I love it!

Will I see you there?


  1. The roses make for a beautiful welcome to your property. Have a safe and fun trip to the plant sale.

  2. Have fun, unfortunately with all that is going on, I won't be going to that sale. Have fun though!!! Donna :)

  3. Your roses are stunning. I wish I could be there.


  4. From one rose lover to another, I'm a bit green with envy! Lovely collection there! Enjoy your site.

  5. I adore roses and that striped one is particularly gorgeous! Is it scented as well?? Sigh, I need to move somewhere that allows me to have tons of varieties... or a live-in groundskeeper - even better! add that to my list!!


  6. They are all so pretty! The roses I got from you are looking beautiful and some are already blooming...I actually cut a few and brought them in to enjoy yesterday, my house smells wonderful! Best of luck in Richmond, wish I could be there. And we have lots of indigenous ground cover as well! ;-)


  7. so many beautiful colors... all soft and romantic. the striped is amazing.

    LOVE the Van Fleet....

  8. Roses are sensational!! Love the Malmaison (which I don't yet have)and the variegated Honorine de Brabant.

    As for idigenous groundcover... my story is that the bees love them;
    that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!

  9. I'm in love with Souvenir and Marchesa, Connie! They look like David Austin heirloom cabbage roses! Your property ('weeds' and all) is just gorgeous! :) Have fun this weekend!!!

    oxo laurie

  10. All of them look so beautiful but Souvenir de la Malmaisson ...wo that one is amazing!

  11. I wish I was going to be there at your plant sale! Love your roses.

  12. I think Souvenir de Malmaison is my favorite - just stunning! I love looking at the different 'fold' and seems there is no end to the variety!

  13. I could never never choose a favorite. Completely fabulous, each and every one.

  14. Oh my... wish I lived close enough to attend the plant sale..

    Your home and roses are absolutely stunning.

    Safe trip.. thanks for sharing!


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