Monday, May 14, 2012

The Rambler Fence Approaching Full Bloom

Open Garden Visitors yesterday were greeted by this sight as they walked down the driveway past our house toward the rose gardens in the back of the property.

The roses you see are:
4.  'Albertine', beside 'Rene Andre' and a root sucker of "Peggy Martin"
9.  'American Pillar' climbing into a cedar tree
(The name of each rose is a link to its description page on Help Me Find, a great rose reference site.

The Rambler Fence is a total mess this year, but it's a glorious mess with roses the size of haystacks.   I didn't take the time to thin or train any of them this winter like I usually do ... and it is still a spectacular sight, with thousands of flowers and buds.

I won't torture you by mentioning the fragrance (which is lovely, BTW).


  1. Oh Connie that is so beautiful! What a gorgeous place you have!!

  2. So pretty. What a stroll this would be. Wow!

  3. Their size would just make for a simply lovely walk down that pathway.

    Raining like a mad banshee here today... no end in sight! Good for roses and all plant life though so I'm not complaining. xox

  4. Absolutely beeeeautiful!! Your hard work has to be so rewarding.

  5. I adore your "glorious mess"! When you can we would love a closer look! Hint hint.....

    Hugs and Kisses,

  6. glorious! this is a very good year for roses, I can only imagine the blooms and scents of your living fence!

  7. I can just imagine the scent, I have a Cecile Brunner a friend gave to me last year and it just bloomed, the fragrance is amazing for one plant, I can only imagine if I had several in full bloom.

  8. I can only imagine as I'm enjoying every ounce of scent from the roses I have gotten from you! One day I hope my fence line is equally as beautiful and sweet smelling!


  9. Oh, my gosh! How gorgeous!!! I would not be able to drive down that driveway - I would have to get out and walk it every day! How nice for your visitors that they were able to walk down the driveway and enjoy the scent and sight of these roses. I bet it took some of them quite some time to get all the way down the road, having to stop and smell the roses along the way!

  10. Absolutely lovely! I love the 'unkempt' look of your roses...just as it should be down a country road. And the scent...heavenly I'm sure.

  11. I agree with Velma, Connie! I love the wild, overgrown look of your ramblers! What a beautiful vision!!! :)

    Could you tell me why you think a couple of my 'Zepherine' roses on my arbor have blackspot already...?? That usually doesn't happen unless we have hot, humid weather...which we haven't. I've got sick looking rose leaves falling off all over!

    xoxo laurie

  12. The roses look stunning. I know that fragrance must be intoxicating! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Pretty oh, so pretty~ I almost can smell the aroma from them~


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