Sunday, May 6, 2012

Open Garden Preview ... Flowers and Fog

Today is the day ... my first Open Garden day of the season!  It has taken a lot of preparation for me to get to this point, with more to do later for the garden to look like the image I have of it in my head.  Even with the weeds and mayhem around them, the roses rise above and put on a spectacular show.

Foggy mornings are magical times in the Rose Field. The mist mixes with the fragrance from the roses, and the scent is almost beyond description.

Shailer's Provence, The Bishop (two versions), Blairii #1, Geschwind's Nordlandrose in the background ... and many others.

Here is a group of photos, shot while standing on the bench beside the Rose Field, panning the camera from left to right to try to capture the panorama.  (There are too many roses in each frame to attempt to list them all.)

The large rose in the center of this photo is my beloved Banshee ... which will probably be in bloom in a week or two.

I used Photoshop to stitch the photos together ... you can click on this to make it full size.

In addition to the overwhelming spectacle of the rose garden as a whole, there are little bits of beauty tucked here and there ... we just have to look closely.

I am very excited to open my garden today!  I love sharing the roses with everyone, even though I am very, very tired ... visitors energize me and fuel my enthusiasm for what I do.

It's show time!


  1. Wonderful. I could hear the birds singing.
    I see photos of your farm and can't help but think of Fox Hunting.

  2. Oh-How I wish I could see that for myself. I'm glad someone besides me doesn't mind a bit of morning fog...although I don't like driving in heavy fog.

    Your roses are amazing! Amazing! I love the way they all look together and is informally beautiful. Good luck today. I hope you don't end up too exhausted. xo Diana

  3. Gorgeous! Great photo stitching you did for the panoramic view too. Good luck today and have fun. I see you are having fog this morning too. :-)

  4. Nicely done Connie, must learn Photoshop! Have fun and wish you lots of sales!

    All the best,

  5. What a spectacular wonderland you've created! Sitting here trying to place myself there...imagining the sweet, sweet perfume! Thank you for sharing this magic place with all of us!

  6. Where is that transport system used on Star Trek?? It should have been invented by now! Lots of lucky visitors today.♥♫

  7. Oh how I wish I could be there! It is simply gorgeous--your hard work has paid off! Have fun today!


  8. I need to get out there to see your gardens - the pics are gorgeous!

  9. Hope you have a wonderful day! your photos are fabulous and I am envious of you living in all that beauty! Hugs, Linda

  10. Your roses are spectacular. What more can I say but thank you for sharing them...

  11. Wow, Connie....if I ever get down that way, I WILL be visiting you!! Your place is just incredibly beautiful!!!!! Congrats on the start of a new season, sweetie! :)

    xoxo laurie

  12. Beautiful photos. I know your your opening day was a success. You can almost smell the roses from here....

  13. Just stunning!! I can only imagine the fragrance.
    Good luck with the open garden, sure it will be a success.

  14. Connie,
    Are the supports something you made or something purchased? The have a pleasing appearance.
    Don Rogers

  15. Don, the arches were made for me by a local steel fabricator. They are 20' lengths of 3/4" rolled steel, bent to a 6' diameter. I use two of these 'hoops', crossing them over the central aisle. As I get the time, I have been wiring on short lengths of rebar (like rungs on a ladder) to act as cross-pieces to help to hold the climbing roses better.

  16. Oh, envy is an ugly character trait, but...

    I dream of a rose bed, but a whole FIELD of roses? Sounds amazing, and looks even better!

  17. Søren, sweetheart, thank you! This area was a huge vegetable garden for previous owners of our house ... I grow roses, not vegetables.

  18. Thanks for sharing your rose heaven. We are so enjoying ours, too. The scents are intoxicating.

    And, now our peonies are blooming. It is almost more than I can bear.♥

  19. Love those roses in the mist... Thanks for sharing!



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