Friday, May 18, 2012

Hello Phone

My antique red Razr phone died yesterday.  I've had that phone forever.  It was a bit of a pain to use it to send text messages, and the camera took crappy pictures, but it was proficient in the performance of its most important duty ... phoning people. 

Here is my new phone.

My husband has been 'suggesting' to me for a while to upgrade to an iPhone ... I resisted, because I couldn't see the sense of ditching my perfectly good (though outdated and awkward) old phone.  The old phone made the decision for me and left me high and dry, so my conscience is clear.

Hello, iPhone.  I have no doubt that you and I will get along really well.  I hope the credit card ap that my sweet Computer Guy husband downloaded works like it's supposed to while we are in Lucketts working the Spring Market this weekend.  (we tested it and successfully sent $1 to my bank account, so we should be good)

I like the idea of having photos on hand to show people.  Sending text messages should be much simpler now, too.  The Husband says that I can even put music on this thing ... I'll have to sit down with our daughter so she can show me the rest of what this phone can do.  I'm pretty technically savvy, but there's still a bit of a learning curve ahead of me, I'm sure.


  1. i LOVE my iphone. i resisted for a long time too. i can't believe i waited so long. :o) ENJOY!

  2. Yes, I love mine too. Although I did need help from teenage daughter once or twice when I first got it, lol.

  3. I got a new IPhone yesterday too! Congrats.
    So on this cc app - it allows you to run other people's cc? I am considering getting this for my IPhone if I do craft shows in the fall. I'm just not exactly sure how it works.....

    Yay on your new phone. You'll figure it out. I have an IPad also, and when I hook my Ipad to the computer, it downloads all my songs from ITunes to the IPad - and it downloaded them automatically when I hooked the IPhone to the computer too. If you have ITunes all set in your computer, you will be set with your IPhone. :-) But yes, the kids can do it without a blink. Have fun!


  4. Ahhh the joys of smartphones. We use the Square app for CC. Works really well. Most if not all the photos on my blog are taken from my phone.... I know you'll enjoy it.... :)

  5. My daughter and SIL bought a phone for me, and there are so many things it can do. I do love the camera and photos are clear to view! Have fun with it.♥♫

  6. You'll love your phone :) I love it when vendors use Square, or similiar apps. I like the 'green' aspect of getting a text receipt, and I am of the generation that doesn't carry cash, so it's a huge help. Especially for furniture sized purchases!!

  7. Im still hanging on to my old phone from 5 years ago too... Im afraid to be glued to my phone like everyone else seems to be. Ill have no choice when it finally croaks though.

    I use Square to accept credit cards on Stephens phone and its fantastic. I think far more people make purchases, who otherwise couldnt...

    Good luck at Lucketts! Im trying to convince Stephen we should go and find a base for a bathroom sink... maybe even a sink too, who knows!

  8. Welcome to the dark side!
    I love my iphone also; though I rarely use it to talk to people. Weather Channel app is a must, as is one for kitchen conversions!

  9. I LOVE MY IPHONE!!!.. you will too.. you'll see :-)

  10. I keep thinking I might get an iphone but so far I haven't. I'm sure you will enjoy it!

  11. I'm still resistant, because I don't want to have to learn to use a new one. You'll do fine!

  12. Hiya, my email is :

    Lovely phone! Good luck with it!

    I have emailed you about the simple crochet Greyhound Coat as I would like to use the pattern to do Charity Coats for our local Greyhound Rescue here in Fife Scotland! I guess it didnt get to you! Could I please have a copy of the simple crochet pattern coat for Greyhounds so I can do good work for our babies? Thank you so much and I LOVE you web site! Yours sincerely Lynn Tiffany :)

  13. Congratulations! My husband has a Razr that he will hold together with a rubber band if necessary. The reception really can't be beat.

    Have fun with your new phone. :)

  14. Congratulations! My husband has a Razr that he will hold together with a rubber band if necessary. The reception really can't be beat.

    Have fun with your new phone. :)

  15. Good luck with your new phone. There's always those first few days of learning all the new stuff, but I'm sure will love it.

    I updated my phone and love the ability to take quick and lovely photos.

  16. I upgraded to an iPhone 4s as soon as they were available. It made my original iPhone seem like a doorstop. So much more uses and apps!
    The first thing is you need to get a case to protect it. I got one with pink & orange birds so it would be easy to find should I lay it down.
    The apps are fabulous. Find my iPhone is a good one if you lose it ( make sure gps is turned on in settings). I use Antique Week to find antique stores when I'm traveling. Evernote is great for sharing info between computer & phone; you can sync information to all- I use 2 computers and the phone, so I love that I don't have to go looking for info I need. You will find what works for you, so enjoy! BTW, if you also got the 4s, ask Siri to "talk dirty to me". Her answers will crack you up!

  17. Love my iPhone, and it goes everywhere with me. I've never been much of a talk on the phone kind of person, nor a texter.

    But I like to walk, and listen to music and tapes when I do.

    If I happen to see something interesting while I walk, I can take a picture of it with my iPhone.

    I enter haircuts and dr appointments with reminders the day before.

    If I am a passenger and the driver is directionally challenged, I can become a human GPS with the help of the .

    I download lots of classic, free books and read them on my iPhone (not everyone likes to read books on something that has such a small screen, but I don't mind.)

    When the family gets together, someone always has an interesting question that no one can quite answer. We used to just say "I'll look it up later", but now I can whip out my iPhone and google it right away.

    I know you will love it, too!


  18. I don't know how I lived without my iPhone. There really is AN APP for about anything you need. Enjoy!!


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