Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just a Flesh Wound

Yesterday evening, I gathered the ingredients to cook a batch of dog stew.  (If you haven't read the post where I told you about how I cook for my dogs, click HERE.)  I thawed and cooked the meat, then I chopped some liver and added it to the pot.  While this was simmering, I chopped turnip greens to add to the mix ... I use whatever green leafy vegetables I have on hand, and I was given some beautiful turnips on Sunday evening.

Combine a momentary lapse of concentration while chopping the greens with the fact that I keep my chef's knife razor sharp and ... you guessed it ... I cut myself.  I grabbed my paper towel to catch the blood,  and put on my glasses so I could see to assess the damage.  I had sliced the side of the tip of my left index finger very deeply, almost off, and I knew as soon as I saw it that I needed to go to the emergency room.

Our youngest daughter is an ER Tech at the hospital, and we were fortunate that she was working last night.

This is our daughter, preparing the tray of tools and supplies.

The physician's assistant initially thought that he could stitch the sliced section back into place.  After he numbed my finger and did a more thorough evaluation, he realized that the piece was not viable ... and my finger would heal well without it ... so he snipped it off.  As he was doing this, I was thinking of the classic line from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, "It's just a flesh wound."  (be sure to read that last part with a thick English accent.)

We headed for home at 10:30pm, three hours after arriving at the ER, with my finger in a large bandage and freshly-filled prescriptions for a pain killer and antibiotics in hand.

My husband and I had never seen our daughter at work, nor had we met any of the people she works with.  It was a little embarrassing to meet them under these circumstances.  What was even MORE embarrassing is that I realized when we were halfway to the hospital that I had left my stupid-temporary front tooth at home.  (I'm in the process of getting a dental implant to replace a loose crown, and I have a missing upper front tooth for the time being while the bone graft heals.  I told you about it in THIS post.)  While at the ER, I tried not to laugh or smile ... with my hillbilly/hockey player teeth.  :)

My finger hurts, but it definitely could have turned out much worse.  Drugs help, and I won't be driving anywhere for another day or two while I'm taking them.

This morning, I had to get right back to it and finish the batch of dog stew that started this.  Rest assured, I was extremely careful while chopping the rest of the turnip greens and kale. 

Here I am stirring the dog stew, trying to keep my bandage clean.

After I finished cooking, I got out my first aid supplies and replaced the large hospital bandage with one that is less cumbersome and is a bit easier to live with. 

Gauze, covered with vet-wrap (that I have on hand to bandage the dogs.)

I am very thankful that I didn't hurt myself worse than I did. That knife is my favorite knife and it is very, VERY sharp. Ironically, I keep it this sharp so it cuts easier and is safer to use.

My plans for this week, which initially included sewing and garden work, will have to change.  Without the use of my finger, I cannot sew ... and I have to keep this covered and clean and dry, so there will be no projects that involve dirt.

Here's a challenge ... as you are typing your comments, try to do it without using your left index finger ...
just like I had to do while writing this post.


  1. wow, hard to type like this! Glad you are OK and will heal soon...I did get a laugh out of the missing tooth! Hugs, Linda

  2. Ouch! I hope it heals quickly.

  3. They cut it OFF??? and you don't seem upset. So, it's not a BIG piece of your finger tip??... Gaak!....

    and I just tried that kind of typing and failed. Failed again...lol.. ooooh brother.

  4. Wow, that sounds like quite and ordeal. Hope your finger mends quickly.

    A few months ago, I bought a meat grinder. I've been ordering things like beef heart, liver and tongue, plus chicken gizzards and necks. We get it delivered from South Mountain Creamery. I grind that all up and add vegetables.

    I like feeding my dogs what I make. We supplement the kibble with it, but with all that has happened with the safety of dog food in the recent month, I might just cook all their food.

    Again, hope you mend quickly. Take care!

  5. Ow! I know that Monty Python classic line, but I was really thinking of Dan Aykroyd doing Julia Child on SNL because it is about cooking. Save the chicken liver!! Too funny.
    But enough of the humor, I really hope you mend quickly and also get that dental work finished up. That is no fun at all!!

  6. owie owie owie. I cut my finger last year on our bread serrated bread knife. Stupid thing wouldn't stop bleeding so drove myself to the Dr. and they took care of it. No stitches for me either. I feel your pain and hope you heal up quickly. I think we all just get in a hurry or have a lapse in judgment sometimes when in the kitchen... It's DANGEROUS!

    Oh, and I would have just died of mortfication had I forgotten the tooth... You poor girl.

  7. I just did the same thing the other day but not near as bad as you. I hope you heal up quickly and the pain lessens soon (sans drugs, lol!)

    It's not easy typing without the left index finger. Do you know how many t's I used just typing this, lol?

    Get well soon!

  8. Praying for a speedy recovery, and I did use my index finger, as I need to get outside and do a little mowing, so I'm in a hurry. Take care!♥♫

  9. Sorry Connie. Hope they sutured the edges of the end for you so it will heal faster. I have two words; electric chopper.

  10. Yikes Connie, I'm SO sorry to hear this! I'm glad it wasn't worse, but still! Take it easy...as if you even know what that means!


  11. Yikes! I'm so, so flashlight chose not to post a picture of the finger.. hope you heal swiftly.. super bad timing! - Susan

  12. Oh-I hate when things like that happen! You poor thing-I hope it heals quickly! xo Diana

  13. Heh heh - Holy Grail. Gotta love Monty Python :) So many quotes are running through my head - many of which aren't fit for a blog - ha!

    Hope your finger gets better soon!

  14. praying for an uneventful, complete recovery -- and yes, as requested, I'm typing this with out benefit of left index finger. Not easy :)

  15. Oh my gosh, Connie...you poor girl! Ouch!! What a blessing that your daughter was there to meet you at the hospital. Praying that you will heal quickly so that you can get back out to your flowered lovlies! (oh....and I tried typing like you suggested and it turned out all run together and gibberish! lol! You did an amazing job!)

    xoxo laurie

  16. Hope your finger mends quickly!

  17. Morning Connie,

    Ok....to be totally honest, my first thought was ..
    "Crap....she has Lucketts to get ready for" and the second thought was....." "Crap, hope it wasn't her painting hand".

    Then I thought ..."Poor Connie, that must have hurt"
    I have a fear of being cut with a knife. I am very sorry you have to wear that inconvenient bandage. I am sure it really puts a hitch in you get a long , as my father -in-law used to say.

    Hope the pain eases soon....can you still eat lunch at with a friend???? We need to plan a meet-up soon.

    Hope the dogs enjoyed the stew...if they only knew it included finger tips instead of steak tips!

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  18. Ouch, I too keep my knives very sharp, and have cut myself plenty of times, too many times. Hoping for a speedy recovery!!! donna :)

  19. Hola, espero que te encuentres bien, gran susto, a veces es peligroso utilizar estos cuchillos en nuestra cocina. Espero sigas mejor.

  20. Well, believe it or not, I can empathize. Thirty-six years ago I cut off the tip of one of my fingers while making baby food for my son. My finger slid down the scraper into the blender blades. And, to make it even worse, I had to toss the carrots because of the blood.

    Feel better.

  21. OUCH~ but no better way to be patched up, by your daughter, wishing you fast healing~

  22. Oh my goodness, how awful! You obviously have a great composure and sense of humor; the missing tooth part was funny as hell! Hope your finger heals up quickly, and pay attention when you are using sharp implements. I've done the same though, although never sliced that deep. I usually end up slicing off fingernails and a bit of flesh. Make hubby give your boo-boo a kiss to make it all better!

  23. Looks similar to a bad Felco accident I had a few years back. I hope you heal quickly, because I know you will need all of your digits during rose season.

  24. Oh Connie--yowza!
    I did it too--right index finger. In the router table. But I couldn't take the meds. And I just about jumped through the ceiling when they numbed my finger. I swear it was worse than the injury!
    There is a silicone/bandage type sleeve the doctor gave to protect my finger--it really helped, ask them for one. You'll be able to do so much more!
    I'm definitely thinking about you--

  25. Ouch!! Bless your heart! Hoping that all is healing well.


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