Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rescue Mission in the Greenhouse

Yesterday morning, while I was standing at the kitchen window looking at the greenhouse, I noticed some movement inside of it.  I could tell it was a bird flying back and forth ... lost in the window-filled space, unable to figure out that the door was wide open.  I put on my shoes, grabbed my camera, and headed out there to see what I could do.

There were TWO robins in there!  Both of them must have been there for a while and they were SO tired and frightened.  They each sat very still while I took their picture ... then I realized that I could probably just reach out and catch them to put them out the door.

That's exactly what I did.  One at a time, I pinned each robin against the window, got a firm grip on it, and I carried it to the door and let it go.  (Unfortunately, you'll have to imagine what this looked like because I couldn't hold the bird AND get a picture of it.)  I looked all over and didn't find any sign of a nest ... they must have been in there hunting bugs.

Now I know why they call them 'bird brains'


  1. Poor, tired birds! Makes ya' wonder sometimes as to why they can't remember how they got in there in the first place, lol!

  2. Well, as my husband would say, "they don't have a lot of neurons firing". LOL

  3. We had them build a nest in our garage when we were finishing this house. They did it while the big back garage door was open. I made the builders wait until Mom's babies were grown and gone. Builder man was NONE TOO HAPPY~

    I am glad your story had a happy ending. xo Diana

  4. How lovely that they were tired enough to be caught and released without harm. At least one of you had a big brain... and a kind heart.

  5. I can't believe you were courageous enough to grab them! I probably would have looked for something (like a broom) to guide them out--I'm a big ol'chicken.


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