Friday, December 30, 2011

What's Going On in the Greenhouse?

Since so many of you have asked, I will tell you a bit of what's going on in the greenhouse right now.  For the most part, the entire place is a big jumble.  I have tools and supplies from the construction stored inside, along with plant supplies ... and now a couple hundred roses that I brought inside last week.  To be honest, it looks a little like an episode of "Hoarders" in there.

All of these roses are ones that are destined to be planted in the garden ... gardens that I have already designed and/or prepped, but that I haven't had the time this year to actually plant.  Because of this, these roses are having to spend the winter in their pots, in the greenhouse. 

I spent the afternoon yesterday beginning the process of getting the roses into shape.  I will tend to each of them, one-by-one, removing the weeds, topping off the potting soil, and trimming them a bit if necessary.  It's a testament to the hardiness of roses that these have survived the neglect that they have endured for the past couple of years.

In a small section of the greenhouse, here are some of the roses that will become inventory at the nursery next spring.  Roses in these little pots don't take up very much room, thank goodness.  Production of nursery stock is not my primary focus this year, the way it has been in years past.  Concentrating on the nursery roses, to the detriment of my own roses, has led to some heartbreaking losses in my collection of rare roses. 

I have shifted gears this year, to get my own 'house' in order and to make this place the haven for rare roses that I imagine it to be.  I hope to spend more time designing and planting gardens, and less time producing roses for the gardens of others.  This should open up time and opportunities to teach more, to do programs and garden gatherings, to help others light the fire and become confident in their ability to grow roses.  

This is what happened to me years ago.  Someone took the time to teach me a little bit, to answer my questions and show me what to do, and this set me on the path that I follow today.  800+ roses later, it's still a wonderful ride ... even though it's a bit disorganized and shabby right now.

As I continue to spend sunny afternoons in the warmth of the greenhouse, sorting out the mess, things should get a little less shabby.


  1. WOW is all I can say...thanks for sharing.♥♫

  2. It still sounds dreamy...Just imagine all the roses beautiful!

  3. You'll have it whipped into shape in no time! I have no doubt about it.

  4. I miss my old job at the greenhouse, Connie. I can just smell that earthy fragrance wafting up from the warm soil around those roses....What a wonderfully healing place to spend a winter day. :) Have a blessed new year's, my friend!

    xoxo laurie

  5. Happy New Year!!! Sometimes you need to step back and focus in order to move forward. Enjoy the greenhouse! (I'm still envious) Donna :)

  6. Wow, looks like you've been busy!!! It's lovely to read how much pleasure you get from your roses. Happy New Year Connie.

  7. A greenhouse of roses hardly sounds like hoarders glad your plans this year include saving the roses you love so much. Wishing you the best as we welcome the New Year! Hugs, Linda

  8. It might be a big jumble, but those pots are certainly impressive.
    Wishing you a very rosy 2012!

  9. I'm glad you're able to use the greenhouse.

    I think we all have to stop every now and then and change our focus. I think it's great that you're going to be able to spend more time teaching and doing what you love!

    Happy New Year!

  10. Oh the clean up in the winter....I know it well.
    I know the feeling of starting too many projects too.
    Now what was I doing???

    Happy New Year,


  11. I absolutely love your greenhouse and look forward to seeing the end result.
    I have the rose that I purchased from you in the flower bed and we've had unseasonably warm weather!! I look forward to seeing how it turns out in the spring. Who knows? I may end up buying more from you :)
    And I totally understand having to taking care of your own house first. I have to get my sewing/craft room in order before I start my projects for this coming year.


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