Sunday, December 18, 2011

Meanwhile, Back at the Antiques Booth ...

The past two days have been filled with visits to antique shops.  I had my camera in my pocket, of course, so you can come along with me. 

On Friday afternoon, The Husband and I loaded up a truck-full of some more things to take them to my antiques booth at the Minuteman Mini Mall in Culpeper.  It was the first time I had the chance to go back there since I first put items into the empty booth on the 8th.  I was really anxious to see what (if anything) may have sold in that time. 

When we arrived, we found that all the big pieces were still exactly where we left them ... nothing big had sold.  I looked through the small items on the shelves, and I discovered that one item was gone ... a glass straw dispenser.  My first sale!! 

We did the best we could to rearrange the booth a bit to fit all of the things we brought into the space.  I had counted on at least one big item being gone so we'd have room to stage everything a bit nicer ... but we had to make do with what we had, which was a very crowded space.  I think we did okay.

I love these velvet chairs!  They are incredibly comfortable, and they have just the right amount of retro cool factor.

I also added a set of four green kitchen chairs, three hand-knit shawls, this cute little two-drawer chest, and the white Italian table with turquoise accents.

Yesterday, I had a To Do list to kill.  One of the items on the list was heading to Warrenton (about 45 minutes north of here) to visit with Janet of The Empty Nest.  She was manning her booth at the gift fair at Shumate's Auctions. The auction company has an antique shop, called Past Reflections.  I had never been there, and I was very, very pleased with what I found.  So many temptations!

I saw this oak desk right away.  It's a fabulous size, and the honest, original finish is perfect!

Don't you love the blue paint on the base of this table?  Someone replaced the top with tongue-and-groove salvaged flooring ... which is a pretty cool idea.

Transferware chamber pot ... with roses!

This pile of trunks and chests has some real beauties! 

This is the piece that I wish I could have bought ... a pine mantel shelf.  I stood there and stared at it, trying desperately to imagine a place in our house where I could use it.  Finding nowhere, I sadly walked away from it.

While Janet and I were visiting, I also needed to talk a little 'shop' with her.  I have only used regular wax on the furniture that I'm painting, and I wanted to know about Annie Sloan's dark wax.  She assured me that I would love working with it, and that I would love the effect.  Her endorsement is enough for me.  When I left Shumate's, I headed 10 minutes up the road to Fox Den Antiques, where Janet has two booths and sells Annie Sloan paint and products.

It's fantastic (and a little bit dangerous) to have an Annie Sloan stockist so close to home!  I picked up a can of dark wax, and a quart of 'Primer Red' paint.  I need a good red, and this one looks like it will be beautiful.

The Fox Den has some great vendors, and I always find beautiful things there ... not that I can buy anything, because we already know that our house is FULL.  This doesn't stop me from wandering around, camera in hand, appreciating what I find.

I don't think this stained glass piece is for sale ... I sure like it, tho.

The price on this cupboard has been reduced to $299, which I think is a steal.

This looks like Dorothy all dressed up in people clothes.

Isn't this vignette perfect?

Here is Janet's other booth.  The pieces are even more beautiful in person!

After I paid for my paint and wax, I hopped into my Jeep and headed back to Fredericksburg to finish my Christmas shopping and pick up a few things at the grocery store for some baking today.  We're having a Greyhounds Rock meeting here this afternoon, and I'm making pies.

Have a great Sunday!


  1. Hi there -
    I am delighted I found your blog! My husband and I and sons lived in Culpeper from 1991-2001 -biggest mistake we ever made to move from there -We moved to PA to be near family ( need I say more!) I went to Minutemen mall weekly -it was a great stress reducer for me and we have some lovely pieces that we purchased from there. and yes I shopped Warrenton and fredricksburg weekly. So wonderful to have found your blog and your post has warmed my heart today :-)

  2. Love all the gorgeous photos...makes me want to go shop at an Antique mall today. Wishing you the best for your booth...I know things will sell! hugs, Linda

  3. If those chairs swivel and rock, they are the most comfortable chairs around. I had one in my house, had it reupholstered in a mini green and white houndstooth. Congrats on your first sale, now sell some big items.

  4. I love that red chair!!

    Congrats on your first sale. Yippee!!!

  5. Seeing your photos really makes me miss all the "looking" hubby and I used to do!

  6. Oh wow.....sooooo many treasures, Connie! LOVE that little mint colored cabinet! I've done the same thing with standing there trying desperately to think of the perfect place for a no avail. lol! Looks like you had a fun day tho - and congrats on selling your first item!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  7. Love antiquing and it was fun to tag along with you!

  8. I love those green chairs!! They remind me of the one I found a Goodwill for my sitting room :) Looks Good Connie!!!

  9. I see you found lots of goodies visiting antique shops. I tried having a booth once in PA but sold only enough to pay the rent. Discouraging. In the meantime, it sounds that you would rather buy than sell. It takes a large house! Nancy

  10. I have a set of chairs similar to the red one you pictured and was going to paint them to match my dining room library, but red may be in the cards now. Congrats on your sale, and wishing you many more,

  11. Hey Connie,

    I look at that light green antique cupboard every time I go to my shops...I love it! It has been there a while...maybe she is ready to deal ;->

    You got some great photos of Shumates those trunks.
    Your space is looking very nice and filling up quickly...pretty soon you will be needing another booth.

    Was so great to see you at the craft fair and Thank You for buying your ASCP from me...remember the dark wax always is applied over the clear...NEVER alone.
    Thanks for the shout outs and link backs..always appreciated.

    Merry Christmas Connie!

    janet xox

  12. I do love the green upholstered chairs!!... and junk hunting, although it's mostly not junk :-)

  13. this settles it. culpeper can no longer wait! cute antique shops!!

  14. marie, I don't have your email so I'll put your reply here. The first shop I show here is in Culpeper, the other two are in Warrenton, half an hour away. All three are well worth the trip!

  15. the booth is lookin' good! :)
    I love that light green-colored cabinet, too. Too bad I live so far away and, besides, I don't know where I'd put it...LOL
    Seeing these pics makes me want to go antique shopping favorite pastime!!


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