Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hunting Junk with Janet

I had so much fun yesterday!!!  Spent the whole day hanging out with Janet of The Empty Nest.  We only live about 45 minutes apart.  We read each other's blogs, and it seemed natural that we get to know each other in person.  (This makes two new in-person blog friends for me in the span of two weeks ... wow!)

I don't know what this thing's original purpose was, but I can see it with bud vases and roses ... don't you?

After giving Janet the 10-cent tour of the 'Manor', including our scary attic, she and I headed to Amy's Cafe in Falmouth for lunch ... eating and chatting for a couple of hours at least.  Janet is incredibly friendly and easy to talk to.  She and I see eye to eye on just about everything, almost to the point of finishing each other's sentences.  It was a wonderful, comfortable time!

I wonder if I need a large green platter for my collection of LuRay Pastels?  I'll have to check.

Our next stop was downtown Fredericksburg to hit some shops.  We spent so much time yakking at lunch, there wasn't a whole lot of junkin' time left in the afternoon.  I knew I had to take her to Upstairs, Downstairs, one of my favorites and a shop I had considered for my antique booth.

The printing on this antique grain sack was incredible!  The price, however, was beyond what I could comfortably pay ... but I have a good photo of it and I plan use it as inspiration when the right project comes along.

We saw lots of things that I was tempted to buy, but it's Christmas time, after all, and I shouldn't be indulging in things for myself.  I kept my resolve until I saw this little tool chest (which you can also see at the bottom of the first photo in this post)  I have a 'thing' for trunks and chests, and this one, with its original finish and relatively-unmolested condition, had to come home with me. 

Janet and I both agreed that we didn't want the afternoon to end.  She is so warm, and friendly, and funny ... this 'bloggy blind date' is definitely going to result in a lasting friendship!  We have already made plans to get together again, after Christmas, to hit some of my favorite junk places in Richmond. 

Thank you, Janet, for a WONDERFUL day!!

Now run over to Janet's blog to get to know her a little better yourself.  I guarantee you will be glad you did.


  1. OH good! So glad the two of you got together in person! Jealous that you live so close to one another too!


  2. I love old trunks and chests too. But I have no room here and don't need more stuff, so it's best to stay out of the antique stores:-)

  3. Bloggy friends are wonderful!
    Love that chest, too. Sweet.

  4. I love it that you got to meet. It is so much fun. Love your little wooden box! Oh one treat for yourself is Ok, right? lol..hugs, Linda

  5. Glad you had such a wonderful afternoon, and that tool chest is very cool!

    Kat :)

  6. I don't know how you find time to do all the things you do AND make time for new friends, too! Good for you! I'm seriously impressed, not to mention envious.

  7. Next time you do a junking hunt in Fredricksburg I wanna come!

  8. You make me blush my friend ;->

    I did have a wonderful time and YES...very much looking forward to a repeat.

    Thanks for sending a few new friends my way.

    Merry Christmas Connie!

    janet xox

  9. How fun! Two new REAL bloggy friends. Isn't it wonderful when minds are so alike and you feel comfortable? Hope your day is wonderful. xo Diana

  10. Very happy to have found your blog. (from Miss Mustard Seed post today !) Following.

  11. ...actually I found your blog through The Empty Nest who I found reading Miss Mustard Seed's Blog.

  12. You meet the nicest people through Blogs! Green with envy for the trunk!!! I too have a trunk fetish! And I want a tour of the attic!! Donna

  13. Happy Holidays Connie,
    Thank you for the kind words about Past Reflections Antiques, and the pics were an extra treat. I am glad you came back for the shelf.

    With a heavy heart I bid you condolences on the passing of Kimba. I hope you can find your comfort in her eternal peace.


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