Friday, December 2, 2011

End-of-Year Rose Sale

(I just sent an email to everyone on my Hartwood Roses mailing list, telling them about my end-of-year clearance sale on roses.  I'm reprinting it here, with a few edits, to reach a wider audience and to let folks see some of the beautiful roses that are still available ... I avoid sending photos in my emails to make them a more manageable size.)

Dear Rose Friends,

Cold weather is here, and it‘s time for the remaining roses in inventory to bed down for the winter. Before I do this, from now through Sunday, December 11, all roses in stock are $10. First come, first served. No delayed shipping on this offer.

The Bishop

Alberic Barbier

There is still a lovely selection of hardy roses in stock, many of which are some of my favorite roses in the garden … Tuscany Superb, The Bishop, Silver Moon, Peggy Martin, Leontine Gervais, Alberic Barbier, Caldwell Pink, Apothecary’s Rose, and many more.

Peggy Martin

Puerto Rico

At the conclusion of this sale, I plan to tuck the roses into the greenhouse for the winter and close the online store till spring.

Tuscany Superb

Paul Transon

Next year will be a bit different, as I catch my breath and regroup from a couple of whirlwind years. I’m putting less emphasis on propagation, and turning more of my efforts toward getting my gardens in order and preparing new programs and classes that I am anxious to introduce. Folks want information about roses … which roses to choose, how to plant and maintain them, what to do when problems occur, etc. … and I am gearing up answer the call. There will definitely be a new crop of roses for 2012, I’m just not stressing over it.

Silver Moon

Apothecary's Rose

Let me close by taking a minute to thank each of you for your support of Hartwood Roses. Even in this climate of economic uncertainty, 2011 was a good year for us, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope you look forward to what we offer in 2012, and can make room in your garden for a few more Hartwood Roses.

Connie Hilker

(and I offer a very sincere thank you each of you, who read this blog and support me through your comments and emails.  I appreciate this more than you know.)


  1. I would love a rose but isn't it too cold here in North GA to plant a rose now? I'm curious and completely lost about roses and planting and care of them. hugs, Linda

  2. Roses are hardy shrubs, some hardier than others. The ones I'm selling have been outside since April, so they're acclimated to the current weather here in Virginia. You can plant potted roses any time during the year when the soil is workable. Our soil isn't frozen here, so I'm still putting roses (and camellias and hostas) here and there to fill holes in the garden.

  3. Connie, your roses are so gorgeous, but you might as well box them up and run over them with your truck, to save me from killing them myself. I can't grow anything... except dust!

  4. Connie,
    This is such a generous offer and so hard to choose from!
    I don't know my roses...sad, huh? So, are these climbing or bush roses?
    I'm loving the lighter pink ones and would love to have a bush. How about the Paul Transon?

  5. Thank you so much for offering your roses at this price. How much is shipping? If it isn't too much, I'd like the Alberic Barbier, Puerto Rico and Paul Transon. Are these repeat bloomers? The Paul Transon looks almost like a miniature rose.


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