Monday, September 1, 2014


Before Alice and Dorothy, we have never had cats who enjoy and seek out the company of other cats.  Their partners of choice are each other ... this isn't a surprise since they are littermates, and they have never been apart.  I have also seen one or the other of them cuddle up with Maggie, and Maggie tends to put up with it, but she doesn't like it at all.

This is a not-so-great photo of a scene from earlier this morning ...

Dorothy was washing Alice's face.  A few minutes later, Alice was washing Dorothy's ears (no photo of this).  Sometimes this type of situation ends with a biting, hissing wrestling match.  This morning, they finished their baths and are now sleeping side by side.  

Hard to comprehend that it has been four years since we brought these little striped balls of fur here to their forever home.  Adopting sister kitties is one of the best things that we have ever done!  

(The original post about their arrival 2010 is HERE.)


  1. I remember when you got them and now life just wouldn't be the same without them would it! Gosh they are cute!

  2. Has it been that long??? I remember when you first introduced them to us.

  3. Hi Connie- I can't believe they are that old already! They sure are sweet. I am back from my blogging break and should be a regular poster again soon.

    I also read the post below and that is going to be an AWESOME painting! xo Diana

  4. FOUR YEARS!!???... I remember reading the post about the new arrivals! Sheesh.. time.

  5. Washing each other is a sign of affection. They seem like very sweet cats.

  6. You crack me up every time talking about Dorothy and Alice---that was my Grandma's name and her sister!
    This makes me miss my babies sO much---they were well loved and made it to 19+ 20+ and just past a 22nd bday!


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