Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Snapshot: Breakfast Time

Winnie says, "Here, Dorothy, I'll help you finish your breakfast."

Winnie had licked her own dish clean, and Dorothy probably felt that she had no choice but to share or leave when Winnie trotted across the kitchen and helped herself Dorothy's cat food.  I try to time feeding so that all of the animals finish eating at about the same time and this won't happen, but Dorothy must have been eating slower than usual that morning.  When I saw this, I scooped Winnie up to let Dorothy eat in peace (after snapping a picture, of course.)

It's a beautiful Sunday morning here in Hartwood.  Last week we had hot, humid days, and now it's crisp and cool and now the weather feels like fall ... bring it on, because fall is probably my favorite time of year! 

Happy Sunday, Everyone!


  1. At least they were nice about it and no fights occurred.

  2. Dorothy is being quite nice about the whole thing. Autumn....ahhhhhhh. It's the very best.

  3. Eating the cats's food is a daily thing here -- And Ms. Yellow happily shares, providing we feed her again!

  4. Oh gosh....such perfect weather for us today too! It was the perfect day to be able to open the house while my husband painted walls. Just perfect? I am in love with your Winnie girl! Xox

  5. She must be a "foodie" like our Maizie...who will eat anything you give her - even lettuce! lol Loving this cooler weather, too, Connie! Jeans and boot weather! Yay!

    xoxo laurie

  6. Super cute. Our dog never gets fed in the same area as the cats. However we have cats trying to steal the other cats food all the time especially if one eats fast and the others are eating slower.

  7. Adorable, Connie. As always you ground my day with gratitude for sharing your days.


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