Thursday, September 18, 2014

New Collars for Greyhounds Rock!

Greyhounds Rock Fredericksburg is the non-profit that friends and I have that raises money for canine cancer research and support.  GRF has a booth at the Fredericksburg Pet Expo this weekend, and our inventory of martingale collars was looking rather skimpy.  I took some time on Monday to go through my stock of donated designer fabric samples and start the process of turning some of them into collars.

Maggie was helping.

I worked at the sewing machine for a while in the afternoon on Tuesday and Wednesday, and this is some of the result of my effort ... I made twenty-five new collars (only 21 of them were finished when I laid them out and took this photo.)

These collars are one and a half inches wide and they are adjustable from twelve to eighteen inches around.  They are ideal for medium-sized dogs ... my greyhounds had a whole wardrobe of them, and 45-pound Ruby wears one whenever we are out.  We sell these for $20 each, and every penny of the purchase price is donated to Greyhounds Rock Fredericksburg.  (Do you see one you like and can't make it to the Expo in person?  We take PayPal, and shipping is only $3 ... hint, hint.)

With this out of the way, I'm free to work outside in the garden today.  Nothing makes me much happier.  (I will show you what I'm working on soon.)


  1. You are so talented! Love the collars!

  2. Love the collars! Wish I had a dog to put one on. *sigh

  3. Wow, those are all classy looking. I hope you sell them all.

    Have fun in your gardens today.


  4. Love the collars, and knowing your love of all things greyhound, I had a laugh when I saw these...
    So cute, but the price, ouch!

  5. Neat looking collars and what a great thing that is. By the way again your cat Maggie is the spitting image of our cat, Snickers.

  6. How is it that you know how to make just about anything you want to make? I am jealous. Our dog is too big for those adorable collars, but I would like to donate some money. Where should I send it too? Christa


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