Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Newest Members of our Household

I am proud to announce that, as of 3:00 on Saturday afternoon, we are now the proud parents of TWINS!!! (Kittens, that is.)

Aren't they just the cutest things you've ever seen!!!

I first spotted these little babies at PetsMart two weeks ago, when I went in to buy cat food.  They seemed friendlier than your average stressed-out kitty in the adoption area, and I knew that they would find homes pretty quickly. 

Friday, I was back at the same PetsMart, this time for dog biscuits.  I went to look at the 'kitty zoo', as I call it, and these kitties were still there.  I took a picture, talked to them, and went home.  I already have two indoor cats, one outdoor cat, and two big dogs at home.  Three of the four indoor pets are on meds, and maintenance needs for them can be overwhelming at times.  But, there was something about these little babies that drew me in.

While the Husband and I were running errands yesterday, I asked if we could go check on the Kitties ... hoping that they had been adopted and I could stop thinking about them.  They were still there.  We cuddled with them, trying to decide which one to take.  I liked the long-haired one, Husband liked the other one.  They are unbelievably cute together ... so we adopted them both.

Here they are in the carrier, while I got gas at the convenience store on our way home.

We set up the guest room/Husband's office as the kitty isolation area.  The room is as kitten-proof as we can make it, we put toys and the cat tree in there for them to play with.  Their food, water, and litter box is set up in the attached bathroom.  Once they get a clean bill of health from my vet tomorrow, we'll see about beginning the process of introducing them to the rest of the menagerie.

Some introductions have already taken place.  Both of the other cats have spent time with their noses stuffed under the bathroom door, sniffing and hissing and growling.  Introducing new cats to the family is always entertaining.

These sweet baby girls need names.  Their 'names' at the shelter were Emma (already have a dog named that) and Caitlyn (niece's name), so new names for them are necessary.  Part of me wants to do some sort of 'rosey' names, without being overtly rosey ... for example, I got Cindy (the Siamese you see in the sidebar) for Christmas in 1993.  I wanted a Christmas-y name for her, but Holly or anything like that seemed too obvious.  We named her 'Cindy' after Cindy Lou Who in the Grinch, because of her enormous blue Siamese eyes.

What do you think of 'Alice'?  Maybe 'Daphne'?  If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

I'm going to go play with my new kitties now!!

Happy Sunday, Everyone!

P.S.  This video does the best job I can offer of explaining why we HAD to adopt them both.  It's two minutes of intense CUTE!!


  1. Oh, those are two adorable kittens. Else (pronounced LC) and Belle.

  2. Oh my goodness, what precious little kittens! I am all over Hailey and Hannah! I am so thankful they were blessed to go home with you!

    Have a great Sunday!


  3. YOU are just as big a sucker for cats as I am for dogs. HA HA..... they sure love eachother. Very sweet video.


  4. Yep, intense cute. So surprised that no one had adopted the cuties, but then again they were meant for you. :)

  5. So glad you adopted them both. They will keep each other company especially with more 'Senior' animals around. Today is Julia Childs birthday so I suggest Julia and Julie! matter what you name them their middle name is cute!!

  6. Glad they both came home with you. What nice looking kitties. I think you'll be having a lot of fun.

  7. They are unbelievably adorable. I immediately thought of tons of rosey names. What fun! The HMs have lots of girls names - Felicia, Cornelia, etc. Or names from the ramblers you love - Albertine, Leontine (maybe too much of a mouthful!) Or names from old HTs (dainty) Bess (lady) Ursula, etc.

    I LOVE thinking of names - I could do this all day.

    Have Fun

  8. So sweet! How about Bonica ( and Cressida ( They could also be nicknamed Bonnie and Cressie ?
    Or maybe Dainty and Bessie? So they make a rose's name together? ( Same goes for "Fairy" and "Bianca" _ (
    Or - and this is my last, silly entry, I promise - how about Lilian and Louise (after Lilian Austin and Louise Odier, two roses I find very lovely)?
    Adorable kitties, however you will name them! Hugs, Lola

  9. Too cute! I see their names being Fiona and Flora. These are two lucky kittens to have such a beautiful new home and family.


  10. Oh my! What joy! Congratulation mama and papa on your twins! The one cleaning herself first in the video looks a lot like my Wilbur, and he is a wonderful kitty. I love the name Daphne and I like either Bess or Dawn for the other! They are both just adorable!!

  11. Gorgeous! Good thing I'm allergic or I'd be in trouble. Hubby loves cats! I can only look, not touch.

  12. Aw - so sweet!!!! I have always loved the names Zoe (Zo-ey) and Phoebe for pets. They are so stinking cute! Can't wait to hear about how they interact with the others - the one thing keeping me from getting another pet is how my boys Baxter and Chauncey will react - I don't know that a cat would last 5 minutes :(

  13. My mom and mandy both just adopted new kittens. I got to babysit my moms while they went to california for a month, so fun! I already have three though. And even without the cost of meds couldnt afford another :(

  14. Well, it's not a rose, but I grow a fuschia variety called Bella Rosella. How 'bout Bella and Rosella (rosey for short, I guess).


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