Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hey, Connie, Where Have You Been?

Been going places and working on stuff.

Here is a sampling of what's been going on ...

1.  We spent a day with friends at the Virginia Scottish Games.

National Anthem to officially open the games.

Tossing the caber.

There was a Wounded Warrior competition.

Listened to music from Rathskelter, one of my new favorite bands.

2.  Went to the NASCAR race in Richmond with my oldest daughter.  She manages an auto shop, and one of her vendors gave her race tickets, pit passes, and corporate hospitality admission.  We had so much fun!

The crowd on Pit Road before the race.

We were two of Federated's 1500 guests and were treated to food and drink and door prizes and (best of all) air conditioning!

Pre-race activities included a parachutist with the American flag.

After the sun set, the sky was beautiful.

I love NASCAR!

3.  I have begun the next stage of work on the renovation of our building that we call The Shack.  The first thing will be to rework the north wall.  (Need to catch up on this project, click HERE.)

One more coat of varnish on this window and I will be finished restoring the two picture windows that I bought at Lucketts in May.

I have had these doors forever.  The bottom of one of them is damaged beyond saving, and I am hoping to cut them off and turn them into clerestory windows.

Scraping and sanding and varnish have brought out so much of the character in the wood of these old doors.

4.  I have a plumber and two helpers here today replacing our water main.  We have had two leaks in the line within the past eighteen months, and we feel that it's prudent to go ahead and spend the $$ to put in a new line.  

They had to dig a big hole in the basement to expose where the line enters the house.

Jack-hammered the concrete pad and began digging the trench for the new line by hand.

Progress at the end of Day One.

Day Two (today) will go faster because the backhoe is digging in open ground and is making good progress so far.

Now you know what's been going on around here.  What sort of things are you working on?


  1. Wow, you HAVE been busy! (but when are you not busy, you are always on the move)

  2. You have been busy and doing such fun things! The Nascar race looks awesome.


  3. You have been a busy, too. Always lots going on for both of us, I think! xo Diana

  4. A tip from a previous furniture re-finisher. if you haven't used this technique. Use steel wool instead of sand paper and you'll have even more character. Steel wool doesn't raise the grain. Love your blog. Joan

  5. Hi, Joan. I used to use steel wool when I started refinishing furniture in the 80s, but not so much anymore. I now prefer a fairly worn out sanding sponge to smooth my finishes between coats and things come out silky smooth. I keep steel wool in my workshop to use on metal pieces that need a little bit of touch up and polish.

  6. I love Celtic rock and punk, so I'll check out this band. I worry about my water main in our old house too, but so far so good. It looks like a stressful mess. I hope it doesn't wreck the landscaping too badly!

  7. ....You know I'm salivating over those doors....


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