Sunday, March 3, 2013

The DC Big Flea

Yesterday, The Husband and I hit the road to go treasure hunting at the DC Big Flea ... billed as the East Coast's largest indoor antique market, with 400+ dealers.  This show draws huge crowds, and there is always a great variety of items to see and buy.  Here are some of the things that caught my eye:

This dealer always has a great mix of tempting things.
What a well thought out vignette, with the Deacon's Bench, Parchesi board, and primitive bench.
This is a lousy photo of a bed with great paint.
Real Post Office cubbies!
If I didn't already have too much stuff, I probably would have bought these drawers and found a use for them.

The paint on this Scandanavian trunk was beautiful!

I loved the colors and designs on these wool felt pillows.

The great graphics on the cheese sign caught my eye, then I noticed the zinc-topped cupboard below it.
I need some inspiration for a paint project that I have planned, and I found some antique thread cabinets that had really wonderful graphics.



I am always on the look out for interesting greyhound items. 

A 1925 print.

I see this bust from time to time in magazine ads.

This Royal Doulton figurine was a bit pricy.
What did I buy, you ask?

A vintage baby bottle (to use as a bud vase), a tiny greyhound figurine, a pair of vintage medical scissors, and a silver heart charm.

I have never seen a little greyhound like this ... it's only 2 inches tall.

The silver hearts will look great on a leather necklace.  They each say "Your heart is within my heart.
The final buy of the day was something that I have been hunting for for a couple months ... a handmade Persian rug to go underneath the antique oak chairs in our family room bay.  It's imperfect and I LOVE it!!

As I walked through the show yesterday, and sifted through the photos this morning, I saw a definite trend.  I find that I tend to be attracted to things that are what they are (if that makes sense).  Things that are restored or have a quick coat of paint slapped on them don't appeal to me at all.  Give me honest wear, and good design, and I'll be a happy girl!


  1. Looks like a fun day with great finds!

    The rooster lamp next to the bed caught my eye, lol!

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  3. Oh Connie -- I'd have loved to shop this flea market with you!
    Although we might have ended up tussling over the same items ... we really do have such similar tastes.

    Only my dogs have fur.

    LOVE that tiny greyhound you got -- it's very sweet, and usually the smaller figurines are of smaller breeds.

    But my favorite pic is the last one.
    'Cause it's got a dog in it.
    All the best -- Cass

  4. My kind of day Connie! If you love "it is what it is" you would love the small trunk I found this past week. It's rough but with gorgeous patina. I am just going to clean it and use as is. :) Your rug is fabulous and so is that beautiful animal laying there!

  5. It is always fun visiting flea markets and finding some treasures. The Persian rug looks very, very nice but I am most impressed by the dog with his head sleeping on the 'new' rug.

  6. I love antique shows, but the prices always seem so high! Maybe I'm just cheap, but I find much better deals on antiques on craigslist. Though, admittedly, much worse selection. =)

  7. I love the big antique shows like that with such variety! Love the old baby bottle! Of course the tiny greyhound is so sweet! I love worn and still beautiful things also!
    hugs, Linda

  8. The rug looks perfect there, and I see it's already gotten some good doggie approval! I will never see a greyhound, dog, figurine, or otherwise again without thinking..."oh Connie would love that!"


  9. What a fun and enjoyable day! I really enjoy looking at everything and getting some ideas--And of course buying some great finds like you did!

  10. That looks like a fabulous flea market, Connie! Wow! Love your finds, too. I was wondering if you brought home any gorgeous rugs. lol!

    xoxo laurie


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