Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Few Things That Caught My Eye

Hollywood Cemetery stuff again.  This project has become pretty all-consuming, as we are less than two weeks away from our big volunteer Rose Work Day.  Monday's weather was beautiful ... perfect for spending the afternoon with Donald (the grounds foreman), whizzing along in his Gator, locating, photographing, and evaluating the remaining roses on our list. 

Whenever I'm at Hollywood, I find sculpture and monuments there that are totally amazing.  It's hard, sometimes, to keep my concentration on the job at hand ... it's so easy to get distracted by all the beauty in the stones and statues around us.

I had to stand on a wall to get this shot.  Such high relief, with the cross on the top of this crypt and the roses strewn about, as if scattered by a loved one.
The wear and patina on this monument, with the roses tucked into the rolls of the scroll, was amazing in person.
This is the top of a tall monument.  Look at the detail and delicacy of the tassel on the left.  I'm not surprised that the two on the right are damaged, and am completely amazed that the one has survived for over a hundred years.
Look carefully at this bouquet, and imagine the skill that was necessary to carve it ... unbelievable 3D high relief, with roses, Lily of the Valley, ferns, Morning Glories, lilies, delicate stems, and a ribbon tying it all together!
I have photographed this little dove dozens of times.  There's just something about the simplicity of it, combined with the weathering and patina, that draws me in every time I see it.  It is in the Crenshaw plot ... a plot I visit almost every time I go to Hollywood.
For the rose history lovers among you, here are some images of the famous Musk rose.  This rose was thought to be extinct, until this specimen was discovered in the 1980s.
This rose is a treasure, and it needs a good bit of TLC to get it into shape.  The crown is a tangle of old, dead, and crossing canes, and the base is a mess.
On Rose Day, I will put one of my very best, most experienced volunteers to work on this.  It will be time consuming, but very rewarding to see a treasure like this put into shape to grow and bloom and thrive.
Speaking of Rose Day ... there's only 10 days to go!  I'm so excited to be doing this!!!
There's still time to volunteer to help, if you're interested.  (hint, hint)


  1. How wonderful to have discovered a rose thought to be extinct. I love the sound of a musk rose and would love to smell it. Great photos of gravestones. I do so love them-xo Diana

  2. Connie, do you know I have never been to Hollywood Cemetery. I really want to see all those gorgeous old headstones. I thought my Dad's stone was beautiful until I saw these. I must go. I hope there is going to be a write up in the Dispatch about all the work you are doing! :)

  3. Such gorgeous, weathered stones and you always describe them perfectly.

  4. It will be interesting to see a before and after of the musk rose. That first photo of the cross with the roses scattered is the most beautiful piece I think I've ever seen. Very touching.

  5. Such gorgeous details in the carving! I think the delicate tassel has to be one of my favorites. I hope you'll post photos of the rose once it's all trimmed up.


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