Friday, March 1, 2013

Early Spring Flowers at Hollywood Cemetery

Tuesday was a beautiful day ... perfect for spending the afternoon continuing to inventory and assess the roses at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond.  I was working alone this time.  The solitude felt good.  With my map, notebook, and camera in hand, I was able to visit 25 more roses ... bringing the current total that I have examined to 89 ... with 39-or-so on the list left to go.

The cemetery, being 65 miles south of me and on a south-facing riverfront location, has a bloom schedule that is WEEKS ahead of my own garden.  Visiting there is boarding a science fiction time machine and going forward in time ... with plants far ahead of what I have here at home.

My daffodils are still short, with buds showing (but tightly closed)  The ones at the cemetery are blooming gloriously.

I had never seen this large patch of Snowbells before.  (I'm generally at the cemetery later in the year, when the roses are flowering.)
Speaking of roses, this grave had a beautiful Lenten Rose (aka, Hellebore).  I had to lay in the grass to get this photo, because the flowers nod toward the ground.
It will be two more months until the roses at the cemetery begin to bloom.  In the meantime, I love looking at the more permanent types of roses there ... the ones that are carved in stone.
It looks like I will only have to make one more trip to the cemetery to complete the inventory portion of my rose renovation and preservation plan.  Expect to find me there on the very next warm day, working furiously to finish the evaluation so I can put together the plan for our work day.
Speaking of the work day ... yesterday, I sent an email to everyone on my Hartwood Roses mailing list ... asking for volunteers for the Rose Work Day on March 23.  So far, 19 people have signed up!  I'm really excited to see this type of turn-out.  We can always use more, so speak up and sign up if you can.
Happy Friday!!


  1. That has to be one of the coolest rose carvings I've seen in stone. The patina is beautiful! I'm so glad you photographed it and shared.

  2. Amazing the difference just a few miles can make! These blooms are wonderful. It makes me want to go plants some bulbs at my local cemetery. Congratulations on all the progress you're making! And I'm so glad you're getting some wonderful volunteers to help you, too.

  3. What a beautiful rose carving. Someone spent a great amount of time on that detail. We were just talking about the flowers already available at our Orchard Supply store. It's Spring!

  4. WoW, I've never seen or heard of that LENTEN ROSE before.


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