Sunday, March 10, 2013

Keeping It in the Family

Look what I brought home yesterday.

My friend Robert gave this beautiful Victorian fainting couch to me ... it's a family piece that originally belonged to his great-grandmother.  He is selling his house, and is drastically down-sizing, and he couldn't bear to see it go to a stranger.  To be honest, I don't quite know what I'm going to do with it.  Its details are beautiful, and it still wears its original velvet upholstery ... I know there has to be a spot in this old house where it will fit and look good.
I just have to figure out where that spot is ... and vacuum it really well before I bring it into the house, because it's dusty as all get out.
This new chaise of mine reminds me of a photo that I use as the cover for one of my Pinterest boards. 
I can toss on a quilt, and add a couple of pillows ... yep, I think that's exactly what I'm going to do!


  1. ooooh WHAT a FIND!!! I LOVE IT! Wow, good for you.

  2. OMGosh-What a great old fainting couch...and don't you have a window kind of like the inspiration picture in your own house? What a fun piece to get! xo Diana

  3. Ok, your house was MADE for that piece! The quilt idea would be perfect, and I'm sure the kitties will appreciate it too!


  4. Your friend has sent it to the perfect home!!
    hugs, LInda

  5. What a beautiful piece, that I'm sure is worth its weight in gold! :-) I'm glad you're giving it a good home, it's a treasure that's for sure!

  6. Holy cow, Connie! What a treasure!!! I can hardly wait to see it all prettied up in your house! :)

    xoxo laurie

  7. Such a wonderful acquisition! I think your idea of throwing a quilt on it is perfect.

  8. Oooooh, me likey, likey! I think this will look great in your house!!!

  9. Hello Connie,

    I love it!!!!! YES...quilt and some pillows will be perfect. I found a pre Civil War era one at the White Elephant, but it looked as if every bug and critter had once called it home...I passed. Yours looks beautiful!!!

    Janet xox

    PS....come paint with me someday soon!!!!

  10. Okay Miss Connie~here WE go again!
    Chaeck out this post on what I did with MINE! ; D
    We really do need to meet~

  11. It's a gorgeous piece and no doubt it will be a beautiful fit in your home!

  12. Your other bay in the parlor will be perfect, Connie. Whew, fanning away vapors... You lead a charmed life, my dear.

  13. What beautiful feet the chase has.....I would have done exactly what you did and bring it home. Murphy's Oil Soap and it will have all the luster of a bygone era!

    Hugs to everyone,


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