Monday, March 25, 2013

A Sprout!!

Remember the rose seeds that I showed you in THIS post from the beginning of February?  I'm excited to tell you that the first sprout showed up this morning!

The flats holding the seeds have been sitting on my kitchen counter for seven weeks.  They're here because this is a good spot for me to keep a close eye on them.
I check them every day (not hard to remember to do this, since they're in the middle of the kitchen).  This morning, I saw this:
The seed that sprouted came from 'White Wings', a beautiful single, white Hybrid Tea rose.
Photo taken in October at the San Jose Heritage Rose Garden.
My handful of fat hips.
The sprout is so incredibly tiny ... only about a centimeter tall.
As soon as the cotyledons clear the soil and open completely, I will carefully lift the sprout and plant it into its own little pot.  It will then go to live in the basement workshop under the grow light till the weather is warm enough for it to live in the greenhouse.
Now I'll be waiting impatiently for this baby's first flower. 
This is so exciting!!  More updates to come, of course, as additional seeds sprout ... or whatever else happens.


  1. This is very exciting. And needed.

    Hope from a hip.

    xo jane

  2. Your little sprout made my day! So exciting! P. x

  3. Whooo Hoooo... don't you love it when things start quickening? xo Diana

  4. Look at that sprout! How exciting!

  5. Hooray!!!! How exciting! I hope it has "siblings" soon.

  6. That's so have way more patience than I do♥

  7. wow they take that long...I have had mine seemingly forever and am about to give up on them but now that you say that it took weeks maybe Ill be more patient.

  8. Drat, Janie, your email isn't visible so I can't send your reply to you personally.

    My favorite rose hybridizer, Dr. Walter Van Fleet, wrote about growing seeds in an old ARS Annual. He had prepared seed beds outdoors (in Maryland) and he kept each bed for seven years, before giving up on the seeds it contained. Seven years! Let's just say that this makes the seven WEEKS it took for my single seed (so far) to germinate seem like no time at all.


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