Friday, March 8, 2013

Feeling Crafty: Knitting Dishcloths

A couple of years ago, I was given a hand-knit dishcloth as a gift.  I had seen them before and wondered what all the fuss was about ... who would take the time to knit a dishcloth, for Pete's sake.  Turns out, that hand-knit dishcloth is softer, more absorbent, and cleans better than my store-bought ones.  Even though I really like using it, I never took the time to see what it would take to knit some more of them.

Earlier this week, I was working to sift through the mess in my sewing room earlier this week,  and I found some balls of cotton yarn in my yarn stash.  What the heck, I thought ... I might as well see how long it would take to knit a dishcloth or two ...

Or three (so far).

The pattern I'm using is called "Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth", and it is so simple to make.  Even if you can barely knit, this is absolutely a beginner type of project.  I love the detail of the eyelets at the edges!
The directions for this pattern are all over the Web ... but I will put them here, to make it easier so you don't have to go hunting.
"Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth"
Cotton yarn (like Sugar 'n Cream, available anywhere that sells yarn)
Knitting needles (I used size 7)
Cast on 4 stitches.
Row 1: knit 4.
Row 2: knit 2, yarn over (increases one stitch on the row and makes the eyelet), knit to the end of the row.
Repeat Row 2 until you have 45 stitches on the needle.
Row 3:  Knit 1, knit 2 together, yarn over, knit to the end of the row.
Row 4: knit 1, knit 2 together, yarn over, knit 2 together, knit to the end of the row.
Repeat Row 4, which decreases one stitch from each row, until you have 5 stitches left on the needle.
Row 5: knit 2, knit 2 together, knit 1.
Bind off the 4 stitches.  Weave in the ends.
That's all there is to it!  I have cranked out one dishcloth per night for the last three nights, and I have a little bit of a fourth one already started.  It's a great mindless activity, to keep my hands busy while watching TV in the evening.  We'll see how long my fascination with this lasts.
Almost makes me WANT to do dishes, when I have something this pretty at the sink to use.


  1. Aren't those pretty. They last forever and I still have some that someone gave me years ago- xo Diana

  2. Hey, if something would make me want to do dishes, I'm all for it! These are cute. What can't you do?!

  3. Sweet! Love that you made them yourself. Thanks for your lovely blog.

  4. Anne, thank you for starting my morning in such a wonderful way ... you make me blush.

  5. My mother has always made these for the family as Christmas gifts. They sure do hold the water!

  6. CONNIE!!!!
    I have been looking for this dishcloth pattern ... my mom made these by the dozens and always kept me in supply. Her knitting days ended years ago, due to her dementia, and she never passed on the "recipe" for the cloths to me.

    But YAY now I have them. I also have a her stash of Sugar & Cream cotton yarn to get me started. These cloths are the BEST.


    Hi Connie these instructions look easy enough for me to do.I have been knitting the winter away and needed some different patterns and this is something I am going to try.
    Thank you very much for such easy to understand instructions.Lou

  8. I cannot wait to do this! I am a new knitter, although I have crocheted for several years. I completely understand your instructions!
    Thank You.

  9. Thank you, thank you! My Aunt Carolyn taught me to knit this dishcloth many years ago (my first knitting project!), and I had lost the pattern. I've looked high and low for it, and you have posted it--with beautiful examples, too. Thanks so much! :) I'll start one tonight!


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