Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

I downloaded the photos from my point-and-shoot camera this morning.  As I looked at this one, taken while I was in the parking lot at the vet's office yesterday, I was amazed at how much it says about me.

Capitals baseball hat on the shifter.  I'm a HUGE hockey fan ... have been for years ... it's great that the Caps actually have a team worth rooting for right now.  This hat is the latest addition to an already-out of control collection.

Lavender sachet hanging from the vent.  Lavender is my very favorite scent ... not the cheap, pseudo-lavender you usually find ... the genuine article.

Knitting needles tucked beside the seat.  I almost always have some sort of handicraft to work on while I'm riding in the car.

Kitties.  LOVE the kitties!!!  They were totally priceless during their check-up with Dr. Stamp.  I know it's a treat for the office to have healthy, happy kittens to play with ... it's a welcome break from the usual crop of sick and injured pets that they see so many of.  Most everyone who was there had to come see us to give the babies a hug.

Speaking of the kitties ... we are almost ready to announce their names.  The Husband and I have been using our current-favorite names for a day now, and it's starting to feel pretty natural. 

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  1. Not to mention the fact that I believe from the dashboard that you're driving a Jeep (looks like mine), are you not? That's a whole lifestyle choice in itself.

  2. I used to knit a lot before I had three active dogs. I'm sure I'll take it up again. It is so meditative.

    Those kitties are beyond cute.

  3. I'm sure the whole office enjoyed seeing and playing with your kitties! They are so adorable!
    I also keep handwork in the car...can't sit still for long without something to do:)

  4. The girls are adorable and can't wait for the name reveal. Love how a photo can 'capture' who we are.

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  6. I enjoyed seeing the 'clues' about your real life!! Beyond the roses.

  7. I never could read or do crafts in the car as it gives me a headache.... so I keep my eyes on the road or just babble to my husband and grab the dashboard often as he tailgates.

    Our vet's office always has many people to spoil our dogs. We left the first vet's office we used here in Roanoke because they were so hands off and just didn't show any emotion for our pets when they were there. Our current vet's office is AWESOME!

    Can't wait to hear the kitties names!



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