Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hollywood Cemetery in the Heat

I was in Richmond on Monday, I had my camera with me, I was close to Hollywood Cemetery, so I made a quick side trip to see how the roses were faring.  Most of the ones I saw were not good.

Remember Mama Rose?  The unknown rose I use as my profile photo?    (I first introduced you to her in THIS POST from January)  See how horrible she looks now?  Two successive summers of drought have all but done her in. 

I think I have identified her as 'Autumn Sunset', which is not historic or rare or unusual, so her loss (if the cemetery chooses to remove her) will not be tragic.  I will always have a huge affection for her, since she is the 'mama' of two very nice seedlings that I am currently evaluating.

This rose, whatever it is, is in even worse shape than Mama Rose.

This statue appears to be mourning the condition of her beloved roses.

Some of the roses are in pretty good shape.  This is Safrano, close to Mama Rose, and it looks great.

So does the Tea rose near the grave of Jefferson Davis.

It even has buds!

While we're at Jefferson Davis's grave, let's take a look at some pretty graphic storm damage.  I can't believe that this enormous tree took out the light pole when it fell, but left the statues untouched!

This thing is HUGE!!

The base of it is completely hollow!

I found other roses, too ... ones that are not affected by the heat.

They just don't make markers like this anymore.

I'll leave you with this photo, my favorite one of the day.  It's a viburnum, not a rose.  I love the light, the way the shrub cascades over the monument, and the composition of the crosses in front and behind.

It's going to be hot again today.  Is it September yet?


  1. Cemeteries are intriguing. Amazing that the tree didn't take any headstones with it.

  2. I have many bushes in our yard that are not looking very good. Doesn't help that the deer are having their way with them either.

    Nice of that tree to miss the statues and headstones in the cemetery. Many of the older ones are simply irreplaceable with their lovely patina.


  3. So sad to see beautiful rose bushes lost to the drought, but glad you were able to start some seedlings, Connie!
    Happy day to you & yours,

  4. Interesting pictures, but so sad about the roses. Thanks for sharing these with us!

  5. I am sorry to see such dead roses, maybe they will come back with a little rain. I love Hollywood Cemetery.

  6. I love cemeteries. I do. My rose (my lone Yellow Knock Out rose) looks like it needs to be in a cemetery. I actually thought of you the other day when I watered it - thinking how ashamed you'd be of me!

  7. The headstones from past are lovely and somehow seem beloved. Is it odd to wish I could have such a Headstone as the one that says "Our Mother" with Roses on it? It somehow is restful.

    Interesting post.


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