Thursday, August 26, 2010

Las Vegas, Day 2

I woke up yesterday, at 6:00am  local time, well rested and ready to take on whatever Vegas had to offer. 

After breakfast here at the hotel, we set out for Caesar's Palace.  The men headed for the car museum across the street, and we ladies went to the Forum to shop.  I bought a hat.  I'll show it to you another day.

For me, most of the fun of traveling is all about the food.  Lunch at the 'Hash House A Go Go' was wonderful!!  I had the fried salmon sandwich, and did not photograph it.  My friend Gale captured this not-so-flattering image of me.  (I am posting it here as part of my effort to get over my horror about having my picture taken.  It's a first step.  I still don't like it ... I'll get over it ... maybe.)

After lunch, we had to go see the shop from The History Channel's "Pawn Stars"  The place was packed!  I fully intended to buy a piece of jewelry (a ring was my first choice), but there wasn't a thing in the shop that spoke to me.

Our next stop was the conservatory at Bellagio.  It was amazing!!  I have lots and LOTS of photos to use for a future post about the plants and sculptures.  For now, I'll post another unflattering photo of me (still not getting any more comfortable with it.)

I think I'm probably whining to Andy that my camera battery had just died.  I borrowed Gale's camera to finish taking pictures, till I got back to the hotel to swap my dead battery for a charged one.

Here's the whole gang.  These are my favorite people in the whole world!!

After a light dinner at the hotel, and a change of clothes, we headed to the MGM Grand to see .... Ka.

I had never seen a Cirque du Soleil production live before, and I LOVED IT!!!  'Nuff said.

Since the over-riding theme of this post seems to be unflattering photos of me, here's another one for your viewing pleasure.  I was goofing with hats in the Ka gift shop while Kim stood in the will-call line to pick up our show tickets, and Gale took my picture.  (This is NOT the hat I bought at Caesar's.)

Waddya think?

(written by Hartwood Roses.  Hartwood Roses blog.)


  1. I think you are one charming witty beautiful person! So glad you are having a wonderful time and sharing it with us! Oh I'm envious..Ka!!!
    Can't wait to see your Bellagio photos!

  2. Quite yer stinkin' whining! You are beautiful!!! Isn't there a Dr. Seuss poem about red hat, blue hat... or was that a fish poem? I get so confused.

  3. I think you are very cute and if those are 'unflattering' photos well I'm afraid to see good one's! I do understand because I hate to look at photos of myself but mostly it's because I'm fat and old! LOL...but hey i'm alive. Looks like a wonderful trip with great friends.

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