Friday, August 6, 2010

Flowers on Friday ... A Crabby Day

It's that time again ... the day when I share with you some photos of the roses that are blooming in my garden.  Today, however, the photos have absolutely nothing to do with anything that I say.  They're just filler.  Pretty filler ... but filler nonetheless.

"Not Mrs. Aaron Ward"

I haven't been able to get myself into gear today.  Ever have one of those days when you're just one baby step away from seriously crabby?

Ellen Poulsen

Dairy Maid

That's what my day has been like so far.  Nothing notable to cause the crabbiness, just a general slow, simmering, crabbiness that has dogged me all day. 

Champneys' Pink Cluster

Maggie and Champneys' Pink Cluster

I warned the Husband (who works from home), and he's been a real good sport about it. In case I haven't mentioned it to you before, he's one of the good ones!  I think I'll keep him.



After I finish here, I'm going to watch the news, fold laundry, and do the last little bit of tidying up in the kitchen.  I want the place to look nice, because I'm having company tomorrow!

Maria Stern


It's someone most of you know, but I can't tell you just yet.  If I do, I'll jinx it, and I don't want that to happen.  She and I have already had to cancel two dates, and neither of us wants to do anything to jeopardize this one.  I'm so excited, I can't hardly stand it!!!

My mood is better just thinking about it.

(written by Hartwood Roses.  Hartwood Roses blog.)


  1. I've been there myself with the crabby business! Hope you have a nice time with your visitor! ♥♫

  2. How exciting! Crossing my fingers and toes for the somewhat crabby lady who better be nice tomorrow.


  3. Well? Was it a bust or did the sun come out again? Hope you had a great un-crabby weekend - K

  4. Can't wait to hear if you had a fun Saturday!

    The heat is the Crabby problem!

  5. Great pictures of your beautiful flowers. We all have those unknown crabby days.


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