Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kittens are the Best Medicine

I would like to present to you the cutest kittens in the entire world ... who now have NAMES!!!

Drum roll, please.

Introducing . . . . .


and Dorothy.

Their personalities fit their names perfectly.

Alice ...
Alice in Wonderland ...
brave, practical, funny, adventurous.

Dorothy is using the wastebasket as a cat fort.

Dorothy ...
Dorothy Gale, who was swept away to Oz, and made success of the situation ...
resourceful, friendly, and kind.

Dorothy (sitting) and Alice (laying down) on the bench at the vet on Tuesday.

These kittens are the most wonderful things that could have appeared here right now. No one can be stressed or depressed when there are kittens around. I wish I could show you the Mini-WWF battle that's going on between them from the middle of the bedroom floor to the bathtub. Dorothy just jumped up from behind the shower curtain, and shoved Alice off the edge of the tub.  They sound like ponies as they run back and forth.

Dorothy (left) and Alice (right) snuggling on the cat tree.

The babies are both working to develop their computer skills. I absolutely have to close my lap top if I'm not right here, because I never know what I'll come back to. Within the past few days, one or both of them has (1) changed my screen resolution, (2) turned off the wireless connection, (3) edited a blog post, (4) typed a whole row of Question Marks (think about that one ... it requires the shift key), and (5) tried to send email. I'm fairly certain that they would figure out how to download Kitty porn if left to their own for too long. 
[edited to add ... I had to scramble to fix this post a  few minutes ago, because Alice published it while it was still a draft, before I could add any of the photos.]

Alice wants to help.

Alice, gnawing on my knee.

I'll get back to writing about the garden and all of my renovation projects tomorrow.  Thank you for indulging me this time to show you the kitties.  This is a big deal around here, and I REALLY wanted to share it with all of you. Expect to see more antics with Alice and Dorothy from time to time, with lots of photos, as they grow and become full-fledged members of the menagerie. Maggie and Amy are NOT going to be happy.

Dorothy in the sunshine.

I visited a friend's rose garden on Thursday, and I have pretty pictures to show you. I think I should have them up tomorrow. Till then ...

Have a great weekend.

(written by Hartwood Roses.  Hartwood Roses blog.)


  1. Hello Connie....!

    I've just popped in from Kat's blog (Low Tide High Style) & am THRILLED to have caught your sweet kitten post....We have two GORGEOUS tabbies ourselves....Baxter Berens (he's 12) & Harley Berens (she's 10).... Both of our babies have curly tails....VERY unique....!

    They were BOTH beautiful kittens.....!

    Enjoy yours while you can....It is but too fleeting a moment in a cats life....!

    Cheers from Australia,
    Tamarah :o)

  2. They are so adorable! Nothing like kittens to brighten a day. Alice and Dorothy....purrfect! Even Charlie tries to 'help' with my posting occasionally. I am so happy you are sharing these adorable babies with us!! Happy Weekend!

  3. Oh how I love these names... older names from way back. As it should be. My sister's hens just had chicks. She is naming the chicks after our departed great aunts. Hannah, Lena... well, you get the picture.


  4. Love love LOVE the names!!! Such sweet little things....enjoy :)

  5. Your kittens are a Big Deal! They have to ease into being the supervisors of their realm..especially the computer. Isn't it wonderful that kittens are born computer-literate? Purrfect names for two delightful furry children!

  6. Lovely names for two lovely cats! Thank you for sharing these gorgeous pics. Lola from Germany

  7. Adorable. I have a cat named Alice - and she looks almost identical to your little Alice except she is a bit chunky. She is 11 years old and precious!!

  8. I'm guessing you will now have to share the computer, since they will want to start their own blog. They are only practicing on yours!

  9. When did you become a felidmommy! We used to have 6 and are now down to one old man. He has taken a keen interest in the computer but so far the damage has been limited to the back key and switching my computer off. Good luck with your new girls, they are beautiful.

  10. Such smart kitties to already know how to use a computer. LOL. I'm sure it will only get worse.

  11. This is just what the dr ordered! They are SO sweet and too cute! Thanks for your great email and comment. My router gave up the ghost and we just got my new laptop back up and running. Keep your fingers crossed that my hard drive isn't toast on my desktop!

    Kat :)


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