Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Snapshot ... It Was the Year 2000

The Husband and I had our Christmas photos taken last weekend by the photographer at the Greyhounds Rock benefit.  This reminded me of another Christmas portrait years ago when I tried desperately to get our whole family together in one place to take a photo.  It was a super-human effort ... full of frustration and difficulties that are not apparent on the smiling faces of a happy family.

This photo is not as it appears.  The best we could do on the actual photo day was to have two of our daughters at home ... the eldest was at work.  I took a TON of shots that afternon using the camera's timer, trying to get four humans and three animals to look their best all at the same time.  I left a space in the composition (and the camera set on the tripod in the middle of the room) to photograph the missing daughter the next day.  A bit of photoshop magic to add her in, and a few replacement heads to correct weird expressions, and we had a totally charming, totally fictitious view of our family in 2000.
I hope all of you have a wonderful Sunday!  The Husband and I are heading out in a few minutes, to trade plants and have lunch with friends in Maryland.  I've been looking forward to this all week!


  1. And we wonder why the rose bush we grew never looked like the one in the catalogue. lol....just joking, dear.

  2. That is truly amazing work, Connie...

    Great family photo!.. love the composition!

  3. Great idea. I've often wondered if this wouldn't be the best way to get a "together" shot of my family, since we are rarely ever together at the same time.


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