Friday, November 16, 2012

Drapes in the Dining Room

This post could also be titled "Following My Heart, and Being Myself No Matter What Others May Think".  You see, the journey from a 'lightbulb moment' in a fabric store to beautiful drapes that are perfect for our house was an emotionally difficult one.

In September, I was in Hancock Fabrics and I saw the most perfect potential drapery fabric.  I knew instantly that it would be totally wonderful in our house.  I snapped this photo, and I brought home a couple of their tiny sample swatches.

The little swatches hung on the windows in our dining room and family room, and the colors in the fabric were even more perfect in our house than they were in the fabric store.  I knew that I had found THE ONE!

I visited Janet at her shop a few weeks later, and I saw a roll of MY fabric in her work area.  I told her how much I loved it, and mentioned that I was planning to use it to make drapes in our dining room and family room.  Janet said, "That's the fabric Miss Mustard Seed used for her drapes."

When she said that, I felt like I had been punched in the stomach.  MY fabric was actually someone ELSE'S fabric ... I knew I would feel like a shameful copycat if I used it ... especially since the simple drapes I had in my imagination were very similar to what MMS has.  (I googled them as soon as I got home.) 

It wasn't that I minded that someone else had used the fabric and published it online ... I'd be silly to believe that no one had EVER made drapes like the ones I was imagining.  I got myself pretty deep in a feeling of insecurity, worrying that other people would THINK I was a copycat.  It's totally unlike me to even consider stuff like this ... what was I to do?

It was my friend Kat (dear, sweet Kat) who set me straight.  When I wrote to her about maybe not using the fabric, even though I loved it, she replied, "I say use that fabric and enjoy those drapes.  We can't decorate our houses for the internet, nor should we deny ourselves something we like because someone else has already used it..."

Thank you, Kat!!  Your words of wisdom helped more than you know, and I am very, VERY grateful that I took your advice, and followed my heart.

Without further delay, allow me to introduce ... our new dining room drapes.  (I snapped a few quickly-styled photos for you with my iPad this morning.)

The ceilings on the main level of our house are nine-and-a-half feet high, and these drapes emphasize that height and add definition to the room.  I am over-the-moon delighted with how they look.

Since the drapes are wonderful, I decided to do what I could to pull the rest of the dining room together.  I hung this gallery of The Husband's paintings on the wall above the blue buffet, and I love how it looks ... I need to find something to put on the top of the buffet, tho.

This corner cupboard holds a little flat-screen TV, so I can watch the news while I cook.  The top of the cupboard looked like a good place for a graduated stack containing two of my primitive painted tool boxes and a child's toy trunk.  The wall clock is an 1840's ogee clock from Connecticut, and the antlers are the same ones that I originally hung over the door in our office ... they look way better here in the dining room.

From the moment I hung the first of the two sets of drapes in this room, I knew that I had done the right thing.  These simple drapes, gathered on a rod, hanging from ceiling to floor, are the perfect choice for this room ... I am so happy about this!!  

The moral of this story is .... I followed my heart, and I am delighted with the results.  Kat, my friend, I am ABSOLUTELY enjoying these drapes!


  1. I'm with Kat. If a fabric feels good to you then by all means use it, I mean who cares what that Mustard lady does? Not me. LOL

  2. those are beautiful! those are the best looking draperies i've seen in that genre/style. go on!

  3. Oh I've loved that fabric since I saw on MMS site. They look beautiful in your room.

    Really ... it's not like you live next door .... :-)

  4. So glad you went with your heart, Connie. Enjoy!!!

  5. Well, no matter what fabric you had chosen, chances are somebody else would have already used it for curtains before you. That by no means make you a copy-cat.

    (FYI our bedroom has ready-made curtains from a cheap shop, and I'm sure they hang in hundreds if not thousands of rooms across Denmark. I still like them!)

    Also, the blue of the drapes looks great with the buffet and the paintings. A low vase or a pretty bowl would set it off nicely, I think, without interfering with the paintings above.

  6. Yes. You did the right thing. They are lovely!


  7. Kat was right- Get what you LOVE and USE it! I think it is crazy when we start worrying about what we are doing and how it is going to affect our blogging life. I would not have known that was the same fabric as Ms Mustard Seeds if you hadn't told me. You think I'm not gonna buy a New Dawn rose cuz you have one?;>) No way, Jose!

    Yours are absolutely perfect for your home! PERFECT and I love them. Have a wonderful weekend- xo Diana

  8. Who cares who else has it, it's not like it was private stock. Silly girl. It looks great!

  9. Your drapes look beautiful! I'm glad you used the fabric you love!

  10. Who is Miss Mustard Seed??????

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

    Ps.....LOVE the drapes!!!!!!

  11. It's your house and if that is what you want and like then do it! They look great! ~xo, Patti

  12. I absolutely love them!! Simple in style but elegant in pattern. Yep, you did good in following your heart.

  13. They're awesome!!! and so is your chandelier!

  14. Good for you! I tend to have the same problem. I think everything I do has to be completely original and if I see someone else has done it, I avoid doing it for myself. I need to take Kat's advice.

  15. Hi Connie, Your drapes look fabulous! I'm so glad you used the fabric you love. You and MMS have great taste!

  16. They turned out lovely! And is that the old blue box you bought with me on top of the buffet? It doesn't show much in the photo, but I bet that weathered blue picks up the color from the drapes beautifully.

  17. Someone will always have the same fabric or idea or something. I say if you love it then do it! I think the drapes are perfect for your home! MMS who??? hugs, Linda

  18. Looking Good!!! :) I need to sew more! Happy Thanksgiving Connie!!!

  19. Love the drapery fabric, it's perfect! I have the same ogee clock and I'm wondering how you hung it. The boards on the back aren't really that strong and I don't want to put it on a shelf! If you could share a picture, i would really appreciate it! My email is


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