Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas Lights

I prefer to keep our outdoor Christmas lights simple.  White only, please, and only on the roof of our porch. 

Our porch is nine feet square, and the roof is almost flat ... perfect for setting a Christmas scene.
The Christmas tree is seven feet tall, one of those white, prelit ones without needles ... labeled for indoor or outdoor use, and perfect for this spot.  The icicle lights on the eaves create a 'stage' for the scene.  One of our neighbors tells me that satellites can probably see this tree from space.  It's not THAT bright, is it?
Next up ... the front door and the porch itself.  You're gonna love what I have planned!  (Our oldest grandson is here with us this weekend, and he and I will go shopping in a little while to get what we need to make some decorations.)
Don't forget about the 'Through the Kitchen Window" project for next week.  (The idea is to share views from all over the world, if possible.)  If you didn't see my post about this, click HERE to see my kitchen window view.  If you've promised a photo, don't forget to send it to me.  email:


  1. LOL, your neighbour may be right! I like the overall look though. Simple is good.

  2. I love it- and if they can see it from space what an eyeful of delight! I do all white lights outside, too. xo Diana

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  4. Love the white lights and white tree! I think it's perfect! I would love to do through a kitchen window but I need to 'clean' mine first LOL!
    hugs, Linda

  5. White. YES! So lovely...can't wait to see the rest! And I will send you a kitchen window pic - what an awesome idea! Maybe I'll even get motivated enough to decorate outside this year!

  6. I love the tree up there! Your house is pretty no matter what season it is, but it was just made for Christmastime! And our kids joke that the tree in our front yard is so bright that folks on the space station use it for directions!! :)


  7. White lights are my favorites, and yours are lovely--If the satellites are seeing them, I'm sure they'd agree too! :-)!!

    I hope your weekend is ending on a good note!!

  8. Connie, it looks beautiful! My holiday decorating rules say " Never too many white lights!"

    Looking forward to seeing what you and your grandson have in store for us.

    Hope to see you soon.

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  9. WOW ~ I love symmetrical ~ this is perfect with all white lights!

  10. Connie-- less is more--- it looks beautiful and elegant. I can only imagine how gorgeous the inside of your house will be when you get done.

    I hope your husband feels better-- I'm suffering out a rotten cold and it is no fun!!



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