Thursday, January 5, 2012

Read All About It!

When we bought this old house of ours nine years ago, it attracted lots of local attention.  Everyone who has any connection to this section of the county knows our house.  During our renovation, we were practically taking the place apart and putting it back together, and our very visible location on our road meant that everyone who passed by could keep an eye on our progress.   

I was standing in the street when I took this photo in the winter of 2004.

It wasn't long till a reporter from the local newspaper came calling.  Over the past few years, we have had a number of articles written about our place:  one when we were in the thick of our restoration, HERE,

This is the first photo I ever took of our soon-to-be house, as I stepped out of the car during our first real estate showing.

Two articles about the restoration of our barn, HERE and HERE,

The blog post where I detail the whole start-to-finish story about the barn is HERE.

One article about the history of our house when it was placed on the National Register, HERE

The most recent article was one about my rose business that was published last April, HERE

These articles were not the first time that I have had an article about me in the newspaper.  In 1996, an innocent conversation with a newspaper reporter (who was a friend of a friend), led to an interview and an article that depicted my seasonal habit of rustling plants from old home sites that were scheduled to be demolished.

This is a rose I call "Tidewater Trail", a particularly nice hybrid china that I rustled as a cutting from a struggling rose at an abandoned house site.

My copy of this article was lost long ago, and 1996 predates the newspaper's own digital articles.  Through the miracle of Google, I recently found a digital copy of this article in their newspaper archives.  It was fun to read it again after all these years.  Since I enjoyed it so much, and it was such a window into my personality at the time, I thought you might like to read it, too.  HERE


  1. Its good to see one's vision come to life. You sure have a lovely place to build memories for years to come.

  2. I LOVE your gorgeous home. And your blog. I will look forward to reading your archives.

    Yes, we have only two dogs but there are dog beds in the great room, dog beds in the den, on the porch and on the deck. In spite of all the comfortable beds, the two Goldens are likely to share one.

  3. I'm looking forward to reading it. Love that you rustled them up and saved them!

  4. Connie that was such a fun article! I love that you save lots of plants like that. You are really amazing. I love your house and all the restoration you have done! hugs, Linda

  5. you're a flower thief ... good to know. :-) I love that thought actually. I find it so sad when you see a falling down, abandoned house with lovely--though overgrown--perennials that someone lovingly planted and cared for over the years, and you know they all are most likely going to get bulldozed along with the house.

  6. Waited all day to sit down and read and I'll be darn... hubby has interrupted me at least 5 times for something!

    Not only does your house have a history, you are making your own!

    He just did it AGAIN!!! Crap!

  7. Morning Connie,

    In Texas we called it 'Plant Pirating'!!! Back in the 80's and being young with no money, that's how we landscaped our property.

    BTW...the Potato Soup was to die for!!! Made it last night.

    Looking forward to Sat.

    Janet xox

  8. When you lead an interesting life such as yours, fame is likely to find you! How neat to have parts of your journey captured in print for posterity! :)

  9. LOL.. you flower thief! When we visit old houses ready for tear-down, I often browse the scrub around the house and find old rose bushes still trying to bloom, perennials, lillies, orchids, etc... and it's sad to think of the love that once flourished in that spot. Awesome that you've replanted some of those, as they'd just be bulldozed into the pile when the houses are raised.

  10. I love old homes and barns; and I love it when they are preserved as much as possible. So how blessed I think you are for living in such a beautiful old home and to have all that history along with it! Oh, and that was a lovely article written, too.


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