Saturday, January 28, 2012

Flannel Pajamas

Most days, if you were to drop by here unexpectedly, you would probably find me in flannel pants and a sweatshirt.    I see little use in getting dressed if I'm just staying home.  Today, with nothing particular to do and nowhere to go, I spent most of the day working on two projects in the basement ... and I was doing it like this ...

... in flannel pants and wool clogs.  (and you can see a little peek at one of the projects.)

Earlier today, Claudia at Mockingbird Hill Cottage posted an "Ode to Flannel Pajamas".  As I read it, I was nodding my head in response to almost everything she said ... and apparently so were most of the other folks who commented.  Some of us who hang out in flannel thought that we should form a club, and Claudia agreed and made us a button.  


Thank you to everyone who has been voting for the photo of our grandson, Caleb, in the Parents Magazine cutest baby contest.  He's moving up, #65 yesterday and #54 today, and we still need a lot more support in order to have a chance to put him on top. 

Vote, vote, vote ... once per day, per computer.


  1. It may not always be flannel, but if I'm not going anywhere... it's for sure going to be something comfy and inappropriate for company.

  2. Caleb is a cutie, and your flannel pjs group sounds like fun.

  3. Ha...I'm wearing a pair as I type!!!

    janet xox

  4. Ditto, I have mine on! If I'm at home, they are on! Voted for Caleb! donna :)

  5. Caleb is so cute~ had to go vote!!!
    Flannels PJ's my favorite when I get home in the evenings all finsihed up for the day, cozy up in them~ flannel is so soft & comfy~ of course I wear flannel shirts all the time~ love them~ gets so cold keeps me all warm & cozy~

  6. When I was sick, I took a shower and put my flannels on for the day. Most of the time I just get dressed, but it sure was cozy...they just might be my new weekend attire.♥♫

  7. Flannel all the way!
    I am traveling with my
    daughter looking at
    colleges this weekend
    and we both packed our
    flannels for lounging and
    sleeping in the hotel room.
    That Caleb is a cutie. I am
    off to vote....
    xx Suzanne


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