Saturday, January 14, 2012

Meanwhile, Back at the Antique Booth ...

I go to the Minuteman Mini Mall once a week to check on my booth, rotate the inventory, and fluff things a bit.  When I was there last week, I found it scrambled and it looked a bit bare ... this was a GOOD thing!  Some of my large pieces had sold, and the folks at the Mall had to move stuff around to get them out of the booth.

The big hutch is gone!

It's 'Last Call' on these white chairs. At $15 apiece they were a good deal for someone who wanted a project, but no one seemed interested. I brought them home with me, and I plan to repaint and upholster them myself. If you're interested in them as is, or would like to have a say in their redo and put in a custom order, shoot me an email because they're now in the queue in my workshop.

I'm learning as I go with this endeavor.  For the time being, I won't bring any more raw project pieces to the booth.  Most folks appear to want things that are finished.

Here we are, after I moved things around and added some new stuff.

The red settee is the next thing on the chopping block.  If it's still at the booth when I go there later today, I will bring it home and I will slipcover it, probably in dropcloth with painted legs and a cute pleated skirt.  It is coming home with me because I need the space for some finished items that are stacking up in my basement.  The Husband was out of town last week, and I got lots and LOTS accomplished!  (Why is it always like this?)

The barn prints, the red shelves, the step basket, and lots of other stuff are new.

Another challenge has been learning how to arrange my merchandise within the booth to make best use of the space and to showcase the items as well as I can.  I'm restricted by the current configuration of the booth itself ... I can't move the shelves on the back wall, and there's a shelf on the right wall that's about shin high ... you can sort of see it behind the green chairs in the photo above.  That wall used to be filled with adjustable shelves, but haven't needed them so I removed them.

I don't want things to look junky and jumbled ... but I don't want it to look bare, either. 

One of my favorite items is still here, this T. G. Green 'Spectrum cheese dome ... perhaps no one has come yet who knows what this is.  If I had a place at home for it, I would so want to keep it. 

I love this thing!

It feels wonderful that things in the booth are selling.  My job now is to make sure that the merchandise is fresh every week, to make things appealing to customers who come into the shop on a regular basis ... rotating merchandise out that hasn't sold, rearranging what is still there, and bringing in things that are new and different ... I'm having so much fun!  The best part is, this is turning out to be a good way to clear out some things that are causing clutter and chaos here at home.


  1. The buckets under to two chairs in the fourth photo, look like they are there for a certain reason? :)

  2. this blog post today was like divine intervention. i thought about taking a drive over there today and then nixed the idea almost immediately. i think i may go back to my original plan! LOVE the cheese dish!!!

  3. Congrats on all your sales. I can't believe someone didn't snap those chairs up for $15 bucks each! Love the cheese keeper, too. Have fun moving stuff around- xo Diana

  4. Nice booth. I didn't realize you had one. Or maybe I did and forgot. Who knows. I can't think straight anymore.

  5. I am definitely one of those shoppers who wants a finished project. I think people wanting unfinished things probably shop at their local yard sales where they get really low prices. Keep up the hard work on your booth!

  6. I LOVE the barn? prints, even though they look like farm houses to me! And I'm still in love with the red settee. I have two green dining chairs that would go great with your four. Almost the same color, too. I redid them for my son and he loves them. I see so many things here that I would love to have, if I were closer and had room for them! I need a bigger house!

  7. Your shop sounds like a great venture for you, both work and fun at the same time.

  8. Congratulations on selling some of your items!!
    I think a bit messy is good. Maybe a bit jumbled is a better word. :) People who like a good hunt are drawn to these types of booths. My two cents....
    If I lived closer, I would definitely be interested in the barn prints. They look to be fairly large. Can you send me an email to let me know their sizes and what you are selling them for?
    And...I saw two little ironstone type pitchers in one photo. One of my favorite collections is my antique ironstone. Are these antiques? If so, could you also let me know what you are selling these for?
    See? You might have some buyers online as well! So keep it up. :)

  9. Is red settee still at your house? I always liked it, and thought I should bring home, but never saw it in your booth...and is it for sale? donna :)


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