Friday, January 14, 2011

Tips For a Better Blog ... Large Photos

Do you use the largest possible photos on your blog?  If not, here's a quick Blogger lesson to show you how.

This sunrise photo ...

... wouldn't have nearly the same impact if I had left it the size that Blogger made it when I imported it into this post.  See?

The size that a photo appears in my posts has nothing to do with the photo's file size. All of my blog photos are 640 x 480.  I save them this size I when I edit them in PhotoShop.  (That's also where the watermarks come from)

While writing a blog post, when I insert a photo, it looks like this on the screen:

Click on the photo in the Blogger editor, the photo will highlight and a bar with various selections will appear below it.  To display the photo as large as possible, which I do, click 'X-Large'.

Your photo will now look like this:

and when you publish your post, your photo will be big and beautiful!

Any Questions?


  1. Amen, sister. I don't know why everyone doesn't use this. Good post.

  2. I too use large images on my blog. It makes a big difference. Good info to pass on.

    Your feedburner needs to be updated on Blotanical. I came from there, but could not pick the post for you. It may be an incorrect url or something simple. You can write to Stuart about this. He is the one that sent the first greeting message.

  3. I have only been using large not xlarge photos since my 3 column format cuts off part of the photo in xlarge...I think I need to change my basic layout to a different one. I also love the larger photos. What format are you using?

  4. Linda, this is Blogger's old Minima Stretch template. It used to be a standard format available on the template menu, now I think folks can download it from a number of places ... I googled it for someone not too long ago.

    You should be able to adjust the width of your columns using the template designer. From your Blogger Dashboard, click 'Template Designer', then click 'Adjust Widths' and see what can be done. Since mine is an old template, I can't do this. It works with most of the new ones, I know. (I love your new 'look', BTW.)

  5. Oh, I know. I had a double sidebar and it ate up so much room that my photos would not appear as large as I normally like them to be, so I set my blog to only have a single sidebar. Easy enough to do with the new template designer that blogger has.


  6. When I use extra large, my pictures are cut off on the side bar. I am using minima. Do I need to change that and how? I've been wanting to use the bigger pictures, but don't know how to do it. Help :)

  7. Just make sure you have your blog page size that accomodates big pictures, like Hartwood Roses does. If you don't, you can easily change your settings to accomodate the larger pictures.

  8. Very useful, Connie. Also, the importance of watermarks on good quality images such as yours cannot be overemphasized.

  9. I just made my photos bigger too.. what a difference. Your tutorial is great! and took effort!... Big!

  10. You were the person who told me this way back when and I do think bigger is better in this case! Great tutorial my friend, and that!

    Kat :)

  11. Thanks for another good tip, Connie.

  12. Thanks for the picture advice. I am blogging for the first time and the bigger pictures really do make a difference.

  13. Love your blog and follow it regularly. I DO wish that your watermark were a bit smaller. Sometimes it distracts from the beauty of what you are trying to show us.


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