Saturday, January 8, 2011

Peaceful Morning ... With Snow

Shortly after I let the dogs out at six-thirty this morning, it began to snow.

It only snowed for about an hour and a half ... just enough to whiten the ground, and dust all of the trees.

Everything always looks so peaceful when it's snowing.

Here is a video I took, with the view from our deck. Enjoy these 50 seconds of falling snow, and the quiet of a country morning, with only a couple of Blue Jays to break the silence.

I hope you have a peaceful weekend!

(photos in this post were processed using ShadowHouse Creations 'Mixed Bag #3' texture)


  1. Thanks for sharing your truly peaceful morning. It was lovely, but you can keep the snow. I'm going to have to "bundle up" in a sweatshirt to go out into our 60 degrees. Brrrr! It's sunny so I'll probably have to remove the sweatshirt eventually. Have a good day, Connie!

  2. Wishing you a peaceful weekend! It snowed about 3" here last night.

  3. Great shots. We are preparing for a winter storm starting tomorrow night. I thought I lived in the south!

  4. So pretty and peaceful. It has been snowing here all morning too.

  5. Your video was a nice touch. The snow is so cleansing and peaceful.

  6. Hi Connie, Great pictures and video! Looks like we got even more snow than you. Five inches so far.

  7. Beautiful, Connie! I miss snow...

  8. You pictures and video are lovely and yes falling snoe can be so peaceful in the countryside.

  9. Hi Connie, thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog (and your garden + home) looks lovely, and I'll be following it. I wish you could come by and identify some of the very old heritage roses we inherited when we bought our allotment garden. I'm trying my best to keep them healthy, but am no expert. So I'm going to read your rose care program right now. Barbara


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