Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Snapshot ... A Blast from the Past

Imagine my surprise, as I sat on the sofa on Friday evening watching the Barrett Jackson auction on TV, when I looked up and saw THIS on the screen:

This car is EXACTLY like one we owned while our children were little.  Yes, folks, this was the ultimate grocery-getter, Mom Mobile, and fastest, baddest thing on the streets of Fredericksburg at the time. 

I stared at the fire-engine red paint, the black convertible top, the chrome wheels, and the completely-huge 455 engine for the minute or so that the car was on the auction block ... and it brought back such wonderful memories.  We could tell from what they showed that this wasn't OUR car ... I wonder where it is now?

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. What a set of wheels! You were the coolest mom in town:)

  2. Wouldn't it be cool to find out?

    My husband had an AWESOME midnight blue with black covertible top vet when he was 18 years old - what I wouldn't do to find that car again.

  3. I often wonder where my '67 Mercury Cougar is. LOVED that car to the moon and back.


  4. Wow, cool car! I bet you had loads of guys checkin' you out! WooHoo!

  5. That s a beautiful car. Did you get many tickets? lol

  6. No tickets, believe it or not. I guess I was always careful to do my racing when there weren't any police around.

    I'm not sure guys would normally check out a woman in a hot red convertible with two baby seats and a booster seat in the back.


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