Saturday, November 28, 2009

Photography Workshop ... Project #2

This week, we are supposed to create environmental portraits that represent ourselves and two other people.  Time got away from me, and I didn't plan ahead at all for this project ... sorry, Carolyn. 

I almost thought I was going to have to punt this week, until I got a brainstorm.  This whole house is a giant still life that represents me ... all I had to do was find a piece of it that told my story.

Here is one corner of my office ... the room here at home that contains all of my very favorite things.  This corner has clues to all sorts of thing about me.

1.  I collect antiques.  I love this little chair.

2.  Family is very important.  The "Interwoven Socks" sign represents my husband's family in West Virginia.

3.  Flea markets and second-hand shops are the best.  This sofa was made by Harden, and it was $50 at Goodwill.

4.  I read a lot, and I try to be organized.  My office has two walls of bookshelves, 9 feet tall.  All of the books are arranged by subject ... this photo shows my Lilian Jackson Braun books on one shelf and my general gardening books on the other.  My library of rose books takes up almost an entire bookshelf on its own, on the other side of the room.

5.  I love cats.  Meow.

6.  I collect quirky things ... you can see an alabaster bust of Beethoven and a concrete frog on a sphere.  Elsewhere in the room are die-cast models of most of my cars, a whole wall of greyhound prints and memorabilia,  and assorted small wood boxes.

7.  I'm not very good at finishing things.  This house is a huge work in progress, and I tend to get pulled from project to project.  Notice the wood filler in the nail holes on the window trim.

Be sure to see what the others have created for their project this week at Camilla's blog.  BLOOM.

(written by Hartwood Roses.  Hartwood Roses blog)


  1. I also love Flea markets and second-hand shops!
    ....... and cats :)
    You live in a beautiful big house!

    Happy weekend!

  2. Meow, too! Isn't it fun how one corner can say so much? Nice choice.

  3. That is a very nice self portrait. I have a hard time finishing things too sometimes. My husband finished our basement over a year ago and we still have some parts missing trim, and our nail holes need to be filled as well.


  4. I think your portrait speaks volumes..there is so much to look at and you have captured so many interesting details about yourself and how you live. Thank you for sharing a little snippet of you. Love the the bust and the couch...are you serious! It's gorgeous. The little frog, the chair it is all so lovely....and apparently you are a bookworm.I am glad you didn't punt.
    Awesome, awesome work!

  5. I love your self-portrait. Your books tell your story as does your environment. I wish I had done this.

  6. The assignment didn't get away from you at all! Excellent glimpse!

  7. Thank you for this corner that lets us know a woman with many interests in a rich and loving life.

  8. gorgeous Goodwill sofa! I love thrift stores, never know what treasure you're going to find! thank you for sharing a bit about yourself!

  9. Meow, meow, meow, too!! We have 3 cats!! :) :)

    I love your corner...particularly the Interwoven Socks sign!! ;)

    I'm so glad you didn't punt...what a wonderful self-portrait!!


  10. how deliciously simple, of course our homes reflect so much of us.

    cats and books, nothing better.

    and i love the interwoven socks sign, what a find.


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