Saturday, November 21, 2009

Photography Workshop Assignment #1 ... a Colorful Quilt

I'm a gardener, but I'm also a frustrated quilter-wanna-be ... so the first assignment for the photography workshop at Bloom Fine Art and Rose Notes caught my eye and spurred my imagination.  We were asked to create a photo quilt, concentrating on color. 

My favorite color right now is pink.  Most old roses are some shade of pink, and pink can help keep the winter blues away.  Even though it's not winter here yet, I know it's coming.  (cue the music from "Jaws") 

My 'quilt' is a light and dark 9-patch design.

I downloaded Picassa 3, as was suggested, so I could make my quilt grid.  The prospect of learning a new program with a project deadline looming was more than I could do this week, so I used trusty (and familiar) PhotoShop. 

The roses in my quilt, left to right, are:  Row 1:  Maggie, Souvenir de la Malmaisson, Madame Isaac Pereire.  Row 2:  Romaggi Plot Bourbon, Gloire des Rosomanes, Natchitoches Noisette.  Row 3:  Charles de Mills, New Dawn, and Paul Neyron.

I'm not exactly sure how to find all the other participants in this workshop to see their quilts, but many of them have left comments at the bottom of THIS post at Bloom Fine Art.  I'll wait till later today and see how many projects I can find posted on the various blogs.  As I find them, I'll post links here at the bottom of this post.

Find details for the project for this week, due next Saturday, at Carolyn's Rose Notes HERE.

Edited to add ... here are some links to other photo quilts.  Who have I missed?

Mackville Road

(written by Hartwood Roses.  Hartwood Roses blog)


  1. I can see that you live in flowerland, as do I. I'd love to sleep under your quilt! I look forward to coming back to your blog and spending more time...nice to meet you.

  2. What a beautiful quilt you made! I love the sight of fresh flowers! We are well past the time of fresh flowers where I live!
    thank you,

  3. SO gorgeous!
    Great compostion and very nice that you filled the frame (which can be hard).
    Beautiful colors and lovely detail. I would love to wrap myself in your beautiful and delicate quilt...

  4. look at all that beautiful pink!! Wonderful!

  5. Wow, what a beautiful pink roses!
    I can almost smell them ;)

    Nice to meet you ... enjoy your week

  6. So I'm not the only one who did a monochromatic quilt. I love it. Very bright and joyful.

  7. I also agree. Getting in on a new free program was so much fun! I love your beautiful bright quilt!


  8. Love this-- it's kind of a no-brainer that we'd both do roses. Don't you love 'Maggie'? All these roses are fab--great idea.

  9. bright, cheery, and right what i have been missing!

  10. Oh, beautiful roses! They have been gone already for so long here... I'm happy to see them again!

  11. Very pretty mosaic quilt, a breath of fresh summer air on a cold, wet & blustery day in Normandy.
    Thank you!

  12. Your PINK quilt mosaic is breathtaking. Some of those roses are so incredible that it's hard to believe they actually GROW! Fabulous.

  13. You just brought me right back to summer. Blue sky and pinker than pink roses in the garden.

  14. I love the pink rose quilt here! So pretty. I spent hours last night on my computer playing around with pink rose pictures - then came across your website while looking at other blogs! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos. Happy blogging. Michelle


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