Monday, May 30, 2011

The Star of Saturday's Open Garden Event ... American Pillar

Visitors to my garden on Saturday were treated to one of my favorite roses in full, glorious bloom.  American Pillar, a rose introduced by Dr. Walter Van Fleet in 1902, is a rambler rose that I have planted as a feature at the end of the Rambler Fence with hopes that it will climb into the adjacent cedar tree. 

This plant has been in this location for four years.  A couple of times during the year, I take canes and guide them toward the tree ... tying them in place where I can, hoping that they will continue to grow into the tree.  Because the tree is green, and the canes are green, I cannot tell how successful I have been until the rose is blooming.

This year, I am overjoyed at the progress.

Do you see the pink flowers WAY up in the tree?  Those canes have snaked through the branches seeking the sun, exactly the way they were supposed to.  I had no idea that the rose had reached such heights already!  This is so exciting!!

See how beautiful American Pillar is against the rough structure of the cedar tree?

Saturday, Mother Nature treated us to beautiful weather ... warm temperatures with a slight overcast throughout the day provided a perfect atmosphere to view and smell and photograph the roses.  Many visitors brought their cameras with them, and I hope them left with photos they can be proud of.

Isn't American Pillar stunning???  These flowers are about 2 inches in diameter, and there are probably thousands of them on the plant.

Most of the visitors came with a shopping list, having visited the nursery web site ahead of time to weigh the pros and cons of the roses that I have in stock.  Even with this type of thorough advance preparation, more than a few folks were tempted by American Pillar, and quite a few American Pillars left here on their way to new homes with beaming new owners.

There's a new cane coming emerging from the top of the pile!  As soon as it gets a little longer, you can be assured that I will tie it to the tree so it can continue its journey to the top.



  1. WOW.
    The only American Pillar I've seen was..gag..kept trimmed like a shrub! WHY oh WHY?
    This is just incredible.

  2. REAALLLY nice! Who knew you could do this, not me!

    Very hot here yesterday and all this week ahead. Glad your roses like it!


  3. Wow! What a beautiful rose and rambling plant! I like the vision you had of the rose rambling into the tree... beautiful!

  4. Now that is a first for me, seeing a rose growing so high up a tree. The close up photos show a delightful rose.

  5. What a stunner! I love that you have trained it to climb like that! It is unbelievable how beautiful it looks abloom in the tree.

    I'll bet your visitors were just in awe of your gardens! Hugs and Happy Memorial Day- xxoo Diana

  6. Looks like you are training it well and it's quite agreeable and prolific! Stunning!

  7. Wow that sure is a stunner, and worth your wait. I love it when everything starts to merge and blend together.

  8. My American Pillar is trained on a pillar. But a tree is a better choice. Hope your buyers don't underestimate how big this thing can grow!

  9. WoW! what a beautiful rose. I have never seen or heard of it, it is a delight, and what an imagination you have! ... That's a great idea!

  10. Holy moly, Connie! That is just amazingly beautiful and awesome! What do you feed your roses, anyway? What a great idea to train it into the tree! LUV!

    xoxo laurie

  11. I love the bright "eye" in the center of the rose!

    Since I'm waging war on the cedars on our property, I'd be hoping that the rose choked the cedar!!!! Best use for a cedar tree that I've ever seen!

  12. American Pillar is a wonderful rambling rose, just love it! It is so awesome that you have the space to just "let it do its thing". I am wondering how high up the tree is will climb. Thanks for sharing pictures of this beautiful rose!

  13. Connie

    American Pillar looks great this year. I sure which I could have made it but homework won out (yuck). Hope to make up there some time soon.

    Liz M

  14. Oh my, Connie, what a dream of a climber! And now I'm going to read the wedding posts again... Congratulations!!!
    Our big day is less than 3 weeks away; you are my inspiration!

  15. These pictures are GORGEOUS!! And I'm so excited to be a proud new mamma of an American Pillar rose from you garden. :)


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