Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Snapshot ... Babies and Roses

I was out in the garden with my camera one day recently ... no surprise in this, I know, considering it's rose season.  As I was taking photos in the front border, a Mockingbird on the wire overhead kept squawking at me ... doing its best to be scary.  There HAD to be a nest nearby.

I found it pretty quickly.  Inside a perfectly round masterpiece of twigs and grass, in one of my climbers on the front fence, were five blue and brown speckled eggs.  From her perch on the wire, Mama Mockingbird (or was it Papa?  I can't tell them apart.) squawked and flapped to warn me to keep my distance.  I snapped a couple of photos and quietly left the bird to tend her eggs. 

Those photos of the eggs are on the memory card that the cats stole.

Fast forward to Friday, while Kat was visiting.  As we were talking and snapping photos, the Mockingbird was sitting on the wire again, but this time it was VERY aggressive and menacing.  The babies have hatched, I thought.  I told Kat to watch my back while I went in.  (I was flapped in the head by a Mockingbird last summer, while I was trimming the rambler fence.  I didn't want THAT to happen again.)

There they were ... five perfect little babies.  I had time to take ONE photo before Mrs. Mockingbird made her dive and sent me scurrying.  Mr. Mockingbird was on the tree, preparing to be the second wave ... I wasn't going to push my luck to try to get another shot.

You know me, though.  You can guarantee that I will be out there every day or two with my camera, taking my life in my hands to document these babies as they grow.

Have a happy Sunday!


  1. I do love seeing the proofs of spring.

  2. Beautiful shot, Connie.. love the rose against the next.

  3. OMG.. so glad you are safe! Great shot of those babies.... glad you and Kat got to take some time and enjoy one another's company.


  4. OMG! YOU ARE SO BRAVE! And a great quick shot! Bravo :)

  5. Love the picture of the babies! We have been watching Hawk babies but they are so high up in a tree we have to look through binoculars. Its been fun to watch. I would not want the Hawk mama or daddy attacking me for sure!! hugs, Linda

  6. When I saw your title I was thinking human babies. What a surprise when I started reading about birds. :) What a wonderful picture of those sweet little babies!

  7. Connie, great shot of the babies! It's cool that birds feel safe amoung the roses. A natural protecter for them....

  8. You are braver than hubby and I were. We tried to get some shots of ours and weren't successful. I can't wait for more of your pictures!

  9. Dearest Connie,

    That is a lovely shot of darling baby-mockingbirds!
    You must have some Dutch background by calling them Papa & Mama Mockingbird...?

    Lots of love,


  10. What a great shot! Thanks for risking your head to share with us!

    I have some baby Carolina wrens in a nest on our back porch. I haven't been able to get a photo yet!

  11. Our Mockingbird is very friendly, has been here for years and follows me around. She never has dived at me (nor at Charm who was there daily until she passed away). My husband and I had to save her Mockingbird babies from a black snake last week. Successfully.

    My son and his fiance were here for dinner and we told them about my Mockingbird friend and how she even follows me to the mailbox and has even gone on along our road with me on walks. Well, after dinner, we all went for a walk and the Mockingbird went with us to the end of our driveway!

  12. Awww, so cute. They look really happy and content. Great photo. Thanks for sharing and I'll check by again to see how they progress,

  13. This shot is SO sweet, but I had to laugh about Kat watching out for the momma! Don't you just love friends who have our backs…and our heads?!

  14. Oh my goodness what a great shot! I would so do this too, especially if Kat were there to be my lookout! ~Lili

  15. I am with you on this one Connie.Fun to watch the baby birds grow.I have a robin's nest in the maple over the water garden.She does not like me getting close.


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