Monday, May 16, 2011

Whew! What a Weekend.

Open House on Saturday was amazing!  The weather was threatening all day, with clouds and occasional drizzle, but true rose lovers are not defeated by a few raindrops.  We had fewer visitors than I expected because of the weather, but this meant that each person who came here could have more of my attention.  Garden tours were longer and more detailed than I thought I would have time to do.  I had adequate time to answer everyone's questions and make suggestions regarding rose varieties.  I was afraid things would be crowded and hectic ... and I was pleased that it wasn't like that.

New Dawn, wearing raindrops.

The roses for sale on the nursery benches were lined up alphabetically, to make it easy for us to find the individual varieties.  Quite a few of these little beauties went to new homes before the day was over.

The Open House wouldn't have been as successful or relaxed without the help of some very special people.  Two of our daughters took turns writing up sales ... one worked in the morning, and the other took the afternoon shift.  My friend Robert spent the day helping me answer questions about rose care and selection of varieties while I was in the garden leading tours. 

My biggest help, and my strongest supporter, is my husband.  He works so hard for days like these ...helping with all the preparations, playing parking attendant, directing visitors around the gardens, writing sales, making lunch, and countless other things.  There is no way I could do this without him.

I would love to show you some more photos of the garden, but there is a hitch.  I have some really nice photos that I took with my new lens, but I discovered on Sunday that I have misplaced my memory card.  Armed with a new memory card that I bought this afternoon, tomorrow's weather promises to be favorable and I have a LOT of roses to photograph. 

I wonder if one of the cats made off with the memory card?


  1. Connie- Did you say MEMORY card? You didn't FORGET where you put it, did you? sorry...couldn't resist!

    It sounds like you had a wonderful event even if it wasn't as big as you had hoped. I hope your sales were good enough to make it all worth while. Wish I lived closer- I would have been there with bells on! Happy Monday evening- Hugs- Diana

  2. Plug a USB cable into the cat and download to the computer. Never know what might show up! Wear armor while attempting this.

  3. Diana, Ms. A., the two of you are real comedians!

    On Friday, I was secretly wishing that the rain would thin the expected crowd ... and I got my wish. Visitors came steadily and I was open two hours beyond my stated hours ... sales were brisk, and I had a GREAT time.

  4. So glad that your Open House was a success!

    Looking forward to the rose photos!

  5. Connie, sorry I was unable to make the open house.Will have to come another time when it is agreeable
    for both. Rick

  6. Seeing all those roses for sale, I'm making grabby-hands and dreaming!
    So glad the open house went well!

  7. Connie, Glad to hear you had a wonderful open house. Sometimes a little drizzle is a good thing. I wish I was closer to attend, maybe one day! We spent a few days up in the smokies like you did and really enjoyed it. Took your suggestion and went to The Old Mill restaurant and it was out of this world. Those corn fritters with that butter were amazing. I'm sure your now in the wedding mode along with everything else, good luck with everything. Remember to take time out and ask for sunshine and NO rain for that big day, you don't want to thin out that crowd. Have a good week!

  8. Everytime I see a beautiful pink Rose, it is New Dawn!! So glad you had a wonderful weekend.

  9. I'm glad it went so well. I've just realized that I was in your state last week. I so wish I'd realized sooner.

  10. Good Morning Connie!
    It is SO dangerous for me to visit your blog, because once i'm here I hate to leave, and I go poking around in past posts, reading and ogling. Saying things like, "Hey, we have woodwork like that too!" or "I WANT THAT STAIR RUNNER AND MIGHT KILL FOR IT." Yeah, I'm not proud of all my reactions.

    (Our house had a lovely old wool Persian runner when I looked at it; when we bought it, the sellers had done us the favor of ripping out the old runners and installing off-the-roll stuff from Home Depot. ACK!)

    Now you have to find your camera card. Tell the cats, no cushy chairs or soft rugs for them until they spill the beans on where they hid it. You know the dogs wouldn't do such a thing -- dogs just can't keep secrets.

    I'm glad you like my new needlepoint roses rug. would you believe I paid $299 for it? With free shipping!

    I'm still pinching myself.


  11. Glad your Open House was a success. It looks very organized. Poor cats. I'm certain they are innocent! I bet they're blaming the dogs! ;)

  12. So wish that I lived closer, I would love to see the roses!

  13. So glad to hear your open house was a success. Would love to tour your garden one day!


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