Saturday, May 28, 2011


I enlisted the aid of The Husband yesterday afternoon ... to be my wingman while I took a photo of the baby Mockingbirds.  His job was to stand directly behind me, wave his arms, and warn me if one of the parent birds made a dive.  As I peered into the nest, I saw this ...

Nothing but rose petals. 

Two days ago when I took the last photo, the babies looked like they were getting pretty close to fledging, so I imagine that's what happened.  They must have been pretty close by, because the parents were still in their protective posture, squawking and warning us to stay away.  I think they read yesterday's letter I wrote to them, because neither of them actually dove at my head ... and we can go in the garden without too much fear.

So I won't need to use the yellow 'Caution' tape that I bought at Lowe's yesterday to rope off the yard to warn our visitors who come to today's Open Garden.  As much as I loved the humor factor of roping off part of the yard with neon yellow crime-scene-type tape, I'm glad that I don't need to worry about someone being frightened or hurt by the birds.  Neither of them ever made contact with us or the cat ... but it sure looked like they wanted to.


  1. lol.. wouldn't ya know.

    I'm going out now to see if my robins are available for one more photo op...

  2. Awww..Mom...your babies have grown and flown! I need to get some pics of the babies by our back door while they are still there.

    Hope your garden show is wonderful today! Hugs- Diana

  3. I think it's wonderful that they all fledged and left the tell tale rose petals for your photograph. Very nice!


  4. Oh, how sweet! Mama told told her babes to giddy up 'cause you were throwin' a party! They will all be sitting in the trees watching the days events. So watch out for bombs falling from the sky! LOL!!

    Keep the nest! J finds nests everywhere for me. Spray well with Lysol and put in a ziplock for a few days. Voila, disinfected!

    Hoping today is wonderful. Wish I could be there!
    xo, misha

  5. I am glad the 'crime scene' tape won't need to be used. So funny! Your letter to the mockingbirds cracked me up. I tried leaving a comment but blogger was giving me fits last night. Hope you have a great open house today!

  6. It's a beautiful photo nonetheless. :)

  7. Just like our kids, they grow up quick and leave the nest. Glad you captured and shared the moments with us. I'll be waiting for the next ones!

  8. Connie- how wonderful that you have been able to share the birth of the little fledglings. The story about the yellow caution tape is so funny- that would have been quite a story for your open house!! Love that little nest- I'd be saving that when nesting season is over!

  9. oh my... that there is nothing in the nest but rose petals is so lovely and poignant. almost as if it was a special thank you to you!



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