Sunday, May 8, 2011

Please, Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Our neighbors behind us are moving, and their property is for sale.  If you or anyone you know would like a great deal on a first-rate horse property, this is a fantastic opportunity. 

The house was built in 1980, on 13 acres of  land that was once part of our farm.

The quarter-mile driveway to access the property is bordered on one side by my Rambler Fence ...

... and it becomes this lovely tree-lined portion of the drive that leads to the house and barn.

Speaking of the barn ... it is absolutely state-of-the-art and perfect!  Six stalls, radiant floor heating in the wash bay, and air-conditioned lounge with a half bath.

This property is a working horse breeding and training operation, and it is in excellent condition for the new owners to bring their horses and move right in. 

The best part of this place, I think, is that the new owners get to live next to Hartwood Roses AND Hartwood Winery!  Do you know anyone who would want to live here and call Hartwood home?

Here is the link to the LISTING for all the details.


  1. Holy Moly that's a good price! You couldn't begin to touch that here for the same lot size and amenities! And of course you know I would love to be your neighbor! Happy Mother's Day!

    Kat :)

  2. What a gorgeous place and that is my dream barn!!
    I hope you get lovely new neighbors :)
    Happy Mother's Day!
    xo, misha

  3. If only! Gorgeous place but I would want to be over at your roses all the time!

  4. I'm game, if you don't mind some strange neighbor woman with her head buried in your roses all day!

  5. I remembered your comments to me last week when we were away at a conference and do you think I could remember the name of your blog? All I remembered was that your name was Connie so I started tracing back all my emails and FOUND YOU! I am signing up as your newest follower.

    I am going to check out your nursery site too...I want a New Dawn rose and can't find one here anywhere so I am hoping you have one.

    It's good to find you!!! Happy Mother's Day- Diana

  6. Beautiful!! I'm in real estate and I work with A LOT of farmers - a very wise farmer once told me "Young lady, the farm next to you only comes up for sale once in your lifetime. When it does, you BUY it, no matter what the cost". I found that amazing, since he told me this as I was helping him put together a deal to buy the farm next to his - and he was 92 :) You could have the biggest rose nursery in Virginia!!

  7. DON'T I WISH!!! Plus, to live next door to you would be fantastic. (heck, I could live in that stable) Gorgeous property.

    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's day!

  8. Wow, that would be a dream come true! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Too bad we are not horse people and not yet retired. That's one gorgeous property. I hope it sells quickly and that you get some superb new neighbors living there.


  10. Beautiful home, barn, and location!
    I can't imagine moving from there!Wow!

  11. I wish! what a lovely place! Im about $400,000 short though :(

    Ill get my farm some day though!!!

  12. Of course, I would love to drive home every day along your rambler fence! What a lovely place. I hope you get some wonderful new neighbors, Connie! Your place is looking perfectly beautiful, and I'm sure the wedding will be perfect.
    Thanks for sharing your photos.

  13. Sigh, if only. And the taxes are less than the taxes on my house!!!

  14. Oh, how wonderful that would be! Love the barn!


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